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This post analyzes the new Cisco 100-105 exam topics in a way that should be helpful for folks who have been working towards the old exam. I may come back in a few months with a post about the exam on the whole, for those who did not care about the old exam. But everything I write here is focused on the changes, and not on what has not changed.

For context, keep in mind that Cisco has provided two paths to CCNA R&S certification since 2003: A two exam path and a one exam path. Using current terminology, to become CCNA R&S certified, you can either take and pass the ICND1 and ICND2 exams or the CCNA exam. Then, from a content perspective:


In this post and the Part 2 post, I will focus on the transition to the new exam topics, with the following main points:

  • Totally New to ICND1: Topics not in the old CCNA R&S exam topics (that is, topics in neither ICND1 nor ICND2), but are now in the exam topics for the Cisco 100-105 exam.
  • Moved from ICND2: Topics formerly in the old ICND2 200-101 exam topics, but now moved to the new ICND1 100-105 exam.
  • Troubleshooting Performance Levels: Cisco bumped the performance level of the verbs for several subject areas up to “troubleshoot”; this section details those topics.
  • Topics Removed from CCNA and ICND1: Topics that were listed in the old Cisco 100-105 exam topics and appear to be completely removed from the new exams.

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