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Upgraded Version Cisco 200-301

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Question 1:


Drag and drop the IPv6 address details from the left onto the corresponding types on the right.

Select and Place:

200-301 new exam questions 1

Correct Answer:

200-301 new exam questions 1-2

Question 2:

Router A learns the same route from two different neighbors; one of the neighbor routers is an OSPF neighbor, and the other is an EIGRP neighbor. What is the administrative distance of the route that will be installed in the routing table?

A. 20

B. 90

C. 110

D. 115

Correct Answer: B

The Administrative distance (AD) of EIGRP is 90 while the AD of OSPF is 110 so the EIGRP route will be chosen to install into the routing table.

Question 3:

Which interface mode must be configured to connect the lightweight APs in a centralized architecture?

A. WLAN dynamic

B. trunk

C. access

D. management

Correct Answer: C

While the Cisco WLCs always connect to 802.1Q trunks, Cisco lightweight APs do not understand VLAN tagging and should only be connected to the access ports of the neighbor switch.

This is an example switch port configuration from the Catalyst 3750: interface GigabitEthernet1/0/22 description Access Port Connection to Cisco Lightweight AP switchport access vlan 5 switchport mode access no shutdown



Question 4

A network analyst is tasked with configuring the date and time on a router using EXEC mode. The date must be set to 12:00 am. Which command should be used?

A. Clock timezone

B. Clock summer-time-recurring

C. Clock summer-time date

D. Clock set

Correct Answer: D

Question 5:

What is a characteristic of private IPv4 addressing?

A. reduces network complexity

B. is used on hosts that communicate only with other internal hosts

C. simplifies the addressing in the network

D. reduces network maintenance costs

Correct Answer: B

Question 6:

An engineer must establish a trunk link between two switches. The neighboring switch is set to trunk or desirable mode. What action should be taken?

A. configure switchport nonegotiate

B. configure switchport mode dynamic desirable

C. configure switchport mode dynamic auto

D. configure switchport trunk dynamic desirable

Correct Answer: C

A manager asks a network engineer to advise which cloud service models are used so employees do not have to waste their time installing, managing, and updating software which is only used occasionally

Question 7:

Refer to the exhibit.

200-301 new exam questions 7

An engineer assigns IP address to the current VLAN with three PCs. The configuration must also account for the expansion of 30 additional VLANS using the same Class C subnet for subnetting and host count. Which command set fulfills the request while reserving address space for the expected growth?

A. Switch(config)#interface vlan 10 Switch(config-if)#ip address 265 255.255.252

B. Switch(config)#interface vlan 10 Switch(config-if)#ip address 255 255.255.248

C. Switch(config)#interface vlan 10 Switch(config-if)#ip address 255 255.255.0

D. Switch(config)#interface vlan 10 Switch(config-if)#ip address

Correct Answer: B

The scenario mentions that a Class C subnet needs to be used, which means we have a default subnet mask of With the requirement to implement 30 additional VLANs, we need a subnet mask that will provide enough IP addresses for all these VLANs with the same Class C network. By allocating a /29 subnet to each VLAN, it will provide 6-bit host addresses (2^6 – 2, where 2 is subtracted for the network address and broadcast address) and will provide enough IP addresses for all 30 additional VLANs.

Question 8:

When a switch receives a frame for a known destination MAC address, how is the frame handed?

A. sent to the port identified for the known MAC address

B. broadcast to all ports

C. forwarded to the first available port

D. flooded to all ports except the one from which it originated

Correct Answer: A

Question 9:

Which protocol uses the SSL?




D. Telnet

Correct Answer: C

HTTPS (port 443, TCP): HTTPS combines HTTP with a security protocol (Secure Sockets Layer [SSL]/Transport Layer Security[TLS]). DNS (port 53, TCP, and UDP): DNS is used to resolve Internet names to IP addresses.

Question 10:

Several new coverage cells are required to improve the Wi-Fi network of an organization. Which two standard designs are recommended? (Choose two.)

A. 5GHz provides increased network capacity with up to 23 nonoverlapping channels.

B. 5GHz channel selection requires an autonomous access point.

C. Cells that overlap one another are configured to use nonoverlapping channels.

D. Adjacent cells with overlapping channels use a repeater access point.

E. For maximum throughput, the WLC is configured to dynamically set adjacent access points to the same channel.

Correct Answer: AC

A. The 5GHz frequency band provides increased network capacity because it has more nonoverlapping channels available than the 2.4GHz frequency band. This allows for more devices to connect to the network and increases the overall capacity of the network.

C. When designing a wireless network, it is important to ensure that cells (coverage areas) do not overlap one another. If cells overlap, it can cause interference and negatively impact the performance of the network. To prevent this, cells that overlap should be configured to use nonoverlapping channels. This allows the devices in those cells to communicate without interfering with each other.

B, D, and E options are not the standard design for coverage cells, the selection of channel depends on the environment, and it\’s not a requirement to have an autonomous access point, repeater access point, or dynamic channel selection.

Question 11:

What does an SDN controller use as a communication protocol to relay forwarding changes to a southbound API?

A. OpenFlow

B. Java



Correct Answer: A

Question 12:

What determines the sequence in which materials are planned during the material requirements planning (MRP) run?

A. The control parameters of the MRP run

B. The creation date of the materials

C. The low-level code of the materials

D. The replenishment lead time of the materials

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

Which Cisco proprietary protocol ensures traffic recovers immediately, transparently, and automatically when edge devices or access circuits fail?





Correct Answer: D

The Cisco proprietary protocol that ensures traffic recovers immediately, transparently, and automatically when edge devices or access circuits fail is option D. SLB (Server Load Balancing).

SLB is a feature within Cisco devices that allows for the distribution of incoming network traffic across multiple servers to improve performance and reliability. While SLB primarily focuses on load-balancing server traffic, it can also help in recovering traffic when edge devices or access circuits fail.

Options A (FHRP), B (VRRP), and C (HSRP) are First Hop Redundancy Protocols (FHRPs) used for providing redundancy and high availability for the default gateway in a local network. They are not specifically designed to handle traffic recovery when edge devices or access circuits fail.

Question 14:

Which network action occurs within the data plane?

A. compare the destination IP address to the IP routing table.

B. run routing protocols (OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, BGP)

C. make a configuration change from an incoming NETCONF RPC

D. reply to an incoming ICMP echo request

Correct Answer: A

Extracted from Book #2, page 359:

“… the following list details some of the more common actions that a networking device does that fit into the data plane:

-De-encapsulating and re-encapsulating a packet in a data-link frame (routers, layer 3 switches).

-Adding or removing an 802.1Q trunking header (routers and switches).

Matching an ethernet frame\’s destination MAC address to the MAC address table (layer 2 switches).

Matching an IP packet\’s destination IP address to the IP routing table (routers, layer 3 switches).

-Encrypting the data and adding a new IP header (for VPN processing).

-Changing the source or destination IP address (for NAT) processing).

-Discarding a message due to a filter (ACLs, port security).

All the items in the list make up the data plane because the data plane includes all actions done per message.”

Question 15:


Drag and drop the statement about networking from the left into the Corresponding networking types on the right. Not all statements are used.

Select and Place:

200-301 new exam questions 15

Correct Answer:

200-301 new exam questions 15-2

Controller-based Networking :

-The type deploys a consistent configuration across multiple devices.

-Southbound APIs are used to apply configurations.

Traditional Networking :

-A distributed control plane is needed.

-This type requires a distributed management plane.

On an SND network, the control plane is centralized on the SND controller and not distributed on the networking devices.

Northbound APIs do not interact with end devices. They allow the SND controller to interact with applications on the application plane.

On an SND network, the management plane is not centralized, it is distributed. Network management protocols, such as Telnet, SSH, SNMP, and Syslog operate in the management plane on both traditional networks and controller-based network

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