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Shortly after starting replication on a new site, the customer encounters a major network issue and informs you that the network to Site 2 will be down for up to 4 days.
What recommendation would you make to the customer about their replication?
A. Leave replication paused until the network returns, then do a restore.
B. Leave replication paused until the network returns, then do a resume.
C. Stop replication until the network is back in operation, then do a migration.
D. Stop replication until the network is back in operation, then do a restore.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 27
On a Gen4 EMC Centera, how can the nodes be unlocked?
A. Use the buttons on the LCD front panel display
B. Use the buttons on the LCD rear panel display
C. Use the CLI and issue command set security unlock
D. Use the CLI and issue command unlock nodes

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 28
What type of profile must be created for a C2C migration?
A. Access
B. Anonymous
C. Cluster
D. Replication

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 29
A customer has a large number of files stored on a EMC NAS file server and wants to archive the data onto a long-term storage system.
Which policy-based application would allow the customer to leverage tiered storage and migrate data from short-term to long-term storage platforms?
B. EMC Diskxtender
C. EMC Emailxtender
D. Intercom 4995 Correct Answer: B
You want to implement Enhanced Availability incorporating two physical sites. The active CUA and primary EMC Centera are in site A; the standby CUA and secondary EMC Centera are in site B.
In a properly configured environment, which ports will be open on the network firewall between the two sites?

A. 3218, 3682, 4543, 80, 22
B. 3218, 7227, 23
C. 3218, 7227, 3682, 80, 22
D. 3218, 7227, 3862, 80
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 31
Click the Exhibit button
How many clips still need to be migrated?
A. 0 clips
B. 1 clip
C. 1,716 clips
D. 1,717 clips

Correct Answer: A
EMC completed a C2C migration for a customer. Which C2C tool is used to determine a successful migration?
A. C2C migration tool “compare” mode
B. C2C migration tool “diagnose” mode
C. C2C migration tool “health” mode
D. C2C migration tool “migrate” mode

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 33
The principle cluster node in an EMC Centera fails and remains offline. How will a new principle cluster node be assigned?
A. Highest online System ID
B. Lowest online System ID
C. Next highest node number in the cube
D. Next lowest node number in the cube

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 34
Which EMC Centera tool allows a PEA file to be tested?
A. EMC Centera CLI
B. EMC Centera Console
C. EMC Centera Verify
D. EMC Centera Viewer

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 35
You have installed the c2c utility and connected to the node running the command center. How is the smtp server configured?
A. setconfig email_host <IP of the SMTP server>
B. setconfig mail_host <IP of the SMTP server>
C. setconfig smtp_host <IP of the SMTP server>
D. updateconfig smtp_host <IP of the SMTP server>

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 36
When installing CUA 4.0 on Centera Gen 4 node which node do you want to configure as a CUA?
A. Access Node
B. Spare Node
C. Storage Node
D. Storage on Access node

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 37
Which C2C component is installed on an access node, collects statistical information, and interacts with all the C2C clients?
A. Command Center component
B. Data Migration component
C. Diff component
D. Mining component

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 38
A customer wants to create a profile that can be used to manage the creation of pools/profiles and the ability to lock/unlock nodes. The customer does not want to log in as the administrator.
Which Management role does the profile need?
A. Access Control
B. Audit
C. Compliance
D. Configuration

Correct Answer: A
When configuring EMC Centera replication, which port number should you add to the end of the replication IP addresses?
A. 1828
B. 3218
C. 3228
D. 3682
Correct Answer: B
A customer has an EMC Centera at 3.1.3 CentraStar and is running compliance mode CE+ but has a need to attach to the cluster with EMC Centera Viewer. How can this be accomplished?
A. Assign an IP address to a storage node and attach to it
B. This cannot be done
C. Use the CE+ enabled version of EMC Centera Viewer
D. Via the access nodes (MOPI)

Correct Answer: A
Which operating system does EMC Centera Console support?
A. AIx
B. HP-Ux
C. Linux
D. Windows
Correct Answer: D
What is the cause of the time lag on a successful replication test when using the EMC Centera Verify tool?
A. Asynchronous replication
B. Built-in replication delay in CentraStar
C. C-Clips being queued for replication
D. Replication is paused

Correct Answer: B
A user states that their AIX application can NOT access the mountpoint they just created on the CUA. Which menu choice on the CUA Setup Utility > Configuration Options is most appropriate to help in this situation?
A. Configure Centera Universal Access
B. Configure FTP Access
C. Modify CIFS Configuration
D. Modify NFS Configuration

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 44
Which file on the CUA allows customized information to be added to a CDF?
A. custom_access.txt
B. custom_metadata.txt
C. custom_pool.txt
D. custom_profile.txt

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 45
Your customer wants to maximize storage space on an EMC Centera. Which Protection Scheme and Storage Strategy combination should you choose?
A. CPM and Capacity
B. CPM and Performance
C. CPP and Capacity
D. CPP and Performance

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 46
A customer decided to add another application that does not natively incorporate EMC Centera’s API and they decide to repurpose a spare Gen4LP node into a CUA.
What must they make sure of before implementing?
A. Application server integrating to the CUA must have OnAlert installed
B. Application server must have the latest EMC Centera SDK
C. EMC Centera must be running CentraStar 3.1.3 or later
D. Node must remain in the cabinet

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 47
A customer wants to implement an IP Access Control List to allow only a single server to be able to access a CIFS share on a CUA.
What is the entry to enable the restriction?
A. hosts allow =
B. hosts allow =
C. hosts allowed =
D. hosts allowed =

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 48
EMC Centera A and EMC Centera B are configured for unidirectional replication with Replicate Delete enabled. An object is written to EMC Centera A, then a delete is issued immediately before it can be replicated to EMC Centera B.
Where will a reflection be present?
A. Both EMC Centera A and EMC Centera B
B. EMC Centera A only
C. EMC Centera B only
D. Neither EMC Centera A or EMC Centera B

Correct Answer: B
An EMC Centera running CentraStar 3.x uses virtual pools that are configured with pool quotas. What will occur when the quota of a virtual pool is reached?
A. Alert will be sent, but data can still be archived to that pool
B. Cluster will be put into read-only mode, so no data can be written
C. Data being archived to that pool will be written to the default pool
D. Data can no longer be archived to that pool

Correct Answer: A
Up to how many CentraStar 3.1.2 clusters and up to how many domains may be monitored in EMC Centera Console 2.1?
A. 4 clusters, 1 domain
B. 4 clusters, 4 domains
C. 8 clusters, 1 domain
D. 8 clusters, 8 domains

Correct Answer: D
Which object within the EMC Centera contains only the archive data?
Correct Answer: B
You are merging two PEA files. Which section must be copied to create the merged PEA file?
A. defaultkey
B. key
C. pea
D. name
Correct Answer: B
Which Pool and Profile capabilities must be granted to the History Manager to access the Console Archive Cluster?
A. read + query + monitor + exist
B. read + write + delete
C. read + write + delete + monitor
D. write + clipcopy + monitor + read

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 54
Click the Exhibit button
You are asked to return to a recent implementation where you tested access to the EMC Centera with EMC Centera Verify and the customer’s finance PEA file. The customer tells you that there are still objects on the two clusters even though you deleted all your test data.
It is clear that this is test data, but why did EMC Centera Verify fail to clean up?

A. EMC Centera Verify cannot delete test data.
B. kvs pool does not allow deletes.
C. The cluster is in Governance Edition mode.
D. The cluster mask does not allow deletes.

Correct Answer: D
In the EMC Centera Console, there is a single domain named Default with one EMC Centera in the domain. The customer wants to rename this Default domain to “ABC.”
How can this be done?
A. In the EMC Centera Console, highlight the Default domain name, right-click and select Rename from the menu
B. In the EMC Centera Console, under the edit menu, select Rename from the menu
C. The domain name cannot be renamed
D. Using the EMC Centera CLI, rename the domain Default ABC

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 56
A new pool is created and an application writes C-Clips to it. ALL of the clips in the pool are then deleted and the pool is no longer being used. You attempt to delete the pool itself but you are unable to.
Why can it not be deleted?
A. CDFs still exist in the pool
B. Pools can never be deleted after they are created
C. Pools cannot be deleted after they have been assigned as a home pool
D. Reflections still exist in the pool

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 57
An email archiving application writes the same 1 MB attachment 20 times to EMC Centera. The EMC Centera is set to storage strategy capacity, CPM, and running CentraStar 3.1.0.
After this ingest is finished, the customer claims SIS is not working because these ingests took more than 40 MB of metadata capacity on the cluster.
How can this be explained?
A. Detection and elimination of identical BLOBs is a background process and is not immediate
B. SIS has to be done by the application server when archiving emails
C. Storage strategy capacity needs CentraStar 3.1.3 to work correctly
D. Threshold is set incorrectly, thus all objects are stored with GM naming schemes

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 58
Which CLI command will configure an EMC Centera to perform a hard stop if the regeneration buffer threshold is exceeded?
A. set capacity regenerationbuffer
B. set cluster regeneration
C. set cluster regenerationbuffer
D. set regeneration threshold

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 59
A customer’s application uses the SDK to communicate to EMC Centera. A system environmental variable is recommended to point the application to the appropriate PEA file to use.
What is the system environmental variable name?
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 60
Writing a 300 KB file to EMC Centera using CPM creates four objects. How many objects would be created if EMC Centera was in default CPP mode with the default threshold?
A. 6
B. 7
C. 8

D. 9
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 61
An EMC Centera disk failed and was replaced by an EMC Service Representative. Two days later the customer expresses concern because the disk still showed in the EMC Centera Viewer as not having any data on it.
How can this be explained to the customer?
A. Data was fully reprotected to other disks in the cluster before the disk was replaced
B. Garbage collection has purged overprotected data from the newly installed disk
C. Regenerations are progressing but have not yet completed
D. Regenerations have not yet started to reprotect the data onto the newly replaced disk

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 62
You are dialed in to the modem of an EMC Centera that is connected to a Storage Only node.
What is the default IP address that you will use to connect to that cluster under EMC Centera Viewer?

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 63
Which CLI command is used to test email notification?
A. notify
B. set cluster notification
C. test email
D. test notification

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 64
When using a replication profile and PEA file, on which cluster is the PEA file created and on which cluster is it specified using the set cluster replication command?
A. Both create and specify on the source
B. Both create and specify on the target
C. Create on the source, specify on the target
D. Create on the target, specify on the source Correct Answer: D
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