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A small business with one corporate office and two small branch offices wants to upgrade their aging server hardware. The business is stable, with no plans for expansion or migration to the cloud. The IT manager is looking for a solution that will offer maximum flexibility and all- inclusive storage to each branch office. Which HP server family best meets this customers’ needs?
A. HP ProLiant BL400
B. HP Moonshot
C. HP Integrity BL800
D. HP ProLiant ML310e Gen8
Correct Answer: D Explanation
Reference: http://h17007.www1.hp.com/docs/justrightit/ProLiant%20Gen8%20Servers %20Positioning%20Guide%204AA4-0118ENW.pdf (page 17)
Businesses need to reduce costs and increase original and creative approaches. Which of these IT initiatives are most related to that business driver? (Select two.)
A. Responding to increased demand for mobile access
B. Embracing cloud computing
C. Cutting back on the rapid growth of big data
D. Shifting away from complex Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments
E. Adopting innovative platforms and technologies
Correct Answer: BE Explanation

A company’s IT staff must ensure that their IT services are available 24×7 and always operating at peak levels. Which HP Technology Service would you suggest to meet these requirements?
A. HP Advanced Care
B. HP Care Pack
C. HP Foundation Care
D. HP Proactive Care
Correct Answer: D Explanation
A warranty would only protect your customer against problems with the product itself, not the service that the product delivers. 6 hour CTR HW Support would provide a good level of protection, but not the optimal service level for a customer whose business demands high availability. HP Proactive Care with 24×7 cover would minimize unplanned downtime and pay for itself. (Study guide p.30)
What value does the HP ProLiant 3D Sea of Sensors technology provide?
A. Visibility into and control over energy usage to decrease power and cooling costs
B. Continuous monitoring of users to enable early detection of suspicious activity and security threats
C. Ability to monitor traffic and process high-priority packets first, improving overall performance
D. Remote visibility into servers’ operating systems, which simplifies server management
Correct Answer: A Explanation
Reference: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx%2F4AA3-9650ENW.pdf (page 2)
You determine that a potential customer is in the “Expanding Business” phase. Which value of HP Networking solutions should you emphasize with this customer?
A. The HP FlexNetwork architecture is built on open standards and provides scalability in functionality, connectivity, and capacity.
B. The HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC. provides increased visibility for wired and wireless networks, allowing companies to support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD. environments.
C. The HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF. provides load balancing and high availability, increasing the company’s efficiency.
D. The HP FlexNetwork provides simplified and streamlined deployment and management.
Correct Answer: A Explanation
Expanding the business (Study guide p.43) HP Networking solutions HP FlexNetwork Architecture
Open and standard-based solution Scales on three dimensions-functionality, connectivity, and capacity Agile and secure OPEX savings (simplified and streamlined deployment, management, and training) Software Defined Networks (Openness, agility, and simplicity)
For which customer situation would you recommend HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC. Smart Connect?
A. A customer updated their data center to support Virtual Machines (VMs) and needs visibility into how these VMs connect to the network.
B. A customer wants to allow users to access the wired and wireless network using their own devices.
C. A customers needs to add a Storage Area Network (SAN) that provides data storage for all the VMs in the data center.
D. A customer needs to implement a wireless network for employees who have company-issued laptops.
Correct Answer: B Explanation
IMC Smart Connect: (Study guide p.17)
Provides a plug-and-play BYOD management solution; single pane-of-glass management virtual appliance, Intelligent Management Center IMC User Access
Manager, integrated database and OS , Optional WLAN manager, fully integrated user access policy speeds installation, easier to use. Reference:
http://h17007.www1.hp.com/docs/products/4AA4-5108ENW.pdf (page 1, product overview)

Sales engagements can follow a transactional or consultative pattern. Which type of sales engagement is appropriate for HP Enterprise Group solutions and why?
A. Consultative; because this approach deepens the solution and expands the sale
B. Transactional; because this approach simplifies the sales process
C. Transactional; because customers often already know what they want
D. Consultative; because customers need a quick recommendation for “one-size-fits-all” solutions
Correct Answer: A Explanation
The breadth of capabilities within the HP Enterprise Group family requires Consultative Selling. The Consultative sale is best when a strategic sale is required with a customer you know and understand. (Study guide p;34)
Which HP innovation allows a customer to connect multiple switches into a single virtual device?
A. Intelligent Management Center (IMC.
B. Smart Connect
C. Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)
D. Virtual Connect
Correct Answer: C Explanation
HP IRF provides software virtualization technology to connect multiple network devices through physical IRF ports and perform necessary configurations, and then these devices are virtualized into a distributed device. (Study guide p.18)
How does HP Converged Infrastructure transform a traditional IT infrastructure into an optimized and efficient architecture?
A. It pools servers, storage, networking, and services in a common architecture.
B. It adds additional layers to the network environment to increase speed and scalability.
C. It increases separation between manager roles, so managers can better focus on services.
D. It deploys best-in-industry proprietary protocols across the IT architecture.
Correct Answer: A Explanation
Establish a common, modern IT architecture that pools servers, storage, networking and services (Study guide p.12)
Which benefits differentiate HP servers from competitors’ servers? (Select two.)
A. HP is the only vendor that unifies UNIX and x86 hardware.
B. HP servers include a Get Virtual Guarantee.
C. HP servers feature autonomic management and tier 1 capabilities at mid-range prices.
D. HP servers have a 33% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
E. HP servers support open standards, rather than proprietary technologies.
Correct Answer: AD Explanation
Explanation/Reference: QUESTION 11

Which benefit does HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning technologies provide?
A. A highly efficient backup and restore solution that uses federated deduplication
B. A high-speed network that uses a simple, flat topology
C. A single-pane-of-glass management solution for provisioning networks, storage, and servers
D. A lower cost storage solution that uses as few as half the disks
Correct Answer: D Explanation
Reference: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/products/storage-software/product-detail.html? oid=5044622#!tab=features (first bullet on the page)
Which phases are included in the Services Life Cycle? (Select two.)
A. Implementation
B. service improvement
C. Hardware Recycle
D. Design
E. Administration
Correct Answer: AD Explanation

Which HP solution most helps customers who need to respond to the rapid growth of big data?
A. HP StoreAll
B. HP 3PAR StoreServ
C. HP Moonshoot
D. HP Continuous Delivery Automation
Correct Answer: B Explanation
Responding to the rapid growth in Big Data, HP solutions include: (Study guide p.33)
HP 3PAR StoreServ

HP StoreOnce

HP StoreAll Express Query

HP StoreAll Storage http://www8.hp.com/us/en/products/data-storage/3parstoreserv.html
A customer is currently using an older storage technology. The customer would like to move to HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage, but is worried about the business disruption that moving to a new storage system might cause. Which HP services would you suggest? (Select two.)
A. HP Data Migration
B. HP Storage Impact Analysis
C. HP 3PAR Storage Assessment
D. Proactive Care 24 x 7
E. HP 3PAR Health Check
Correct Answer: AD Explanation Explanation/Reference:

HP Proactive Care with 24×7 cover would minimize unplanned down time and pay for itself. (Study guide p.28)
Compared to HP Proactive Care, what are some weaknesses of Dell’s support offering? (Select two.)
A. No predictable and transparent contracts
B. No optimization of products
C. Account management offered only with high end support
D. Limited offerings for complex environments
E. No credit-based services offering
Correct Answer: DE Explanation

A company needs to upgrade its data center servers, which host non-business-critical services. The customer values ease of management, a small physical footprint and the ability to expand in the future. Which HP solution and value proposition should you suggest?
A. The HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 server balances scalability, performance, and ease of management.
B. The HP ProLiant DL380 server pools virtualized resources to simplify management and increase efficiency.
C. The HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis meets high availability needs in a highly efficient form factor
D. The HP ProLiant ML350 server is an affordable solution that will scale for any future needs. Correct Answer: B
Explanation Explanation/Reference:

A customer states that their IT administrators spend a lot of time installing operating systems on servers and bringing systems online. The customer wants to reduce downtime and maintenance. Which HP server feature should you explain to this customer?
A. HP ProLiant 3D Sea of Sensors technology
B. Integrated Lifecycle Automation
C. Automated Energy Optimization
D. Gen8 Embedded SmartStart
Correct Answer: B Explanation
Integrated Lifecycle Automation (Study guide p.25) Gets systems online three times faster Troubleshoots five times faster with more context and accuracy Deploys three times faster with 93 percent less downtime during online updates
You are encouraged by your manager to help a customer see how your proposed HP solution meets a “hurdle rate.” What is a hurdle rate?
A. The rate at which the solution responds to service requests
B. The minimum acceptable rate of return for a project
C. The expected rate of return on a new investment
D. The rate at which an investment approaches the break-even point
Correct Answer: B Explanation
Reference: http://searchcio.techtarget.com/definition/Hurdle-rate
You are meeting with a company’s chief information officer (CIO) to discuss an HP solution. Based on a CIO’s typical concerns, which point should you emphasize?
A. How the HP solution helps the company meet its service level agreements (SLAs)
B. How the HP solution helps to eliminate routine and tedious configuration tasks
C. How the HP solution has mechanisms for simplifying provisioning and deployment
D. How the HP solution has innovative technologies and how these technologies work
Correct Answer: A Explanation
Reference: http://h18006.www1.hp.com/storage/pdfs/4AA4-6608ENW.pdf
You are considering whether HP MSA 2040 Storage meets a customer’s needs. What are the benefits and consideration of this solution?
A. It is a good mid-sized storage array, but requires a blade infrastructure.
B. It is easy to implement and manage, but does not scale as well as other HP solutions.
C. It provides a tier 1 storage solution, but the company might eventually outgrow it.
D. It is very affordable, but its performance depends on the hardware of the server on which it is installed.
Correct Answer: B Explanation
HP MSA 2040 (Study guide p.41) Very affordable entry level Storage Area Network Flexible support for interfaces (FC/iSCSI/SAS) Lower scale capacity than other HP solutions Easy to implement and manage
How does the HP ProLiant Return on Investment (ROI) calculator help businesses who currently own legacy server technology?
A. It creates a long-term plan for the customer, detailing which innovations will be important in the future.
B. It compares the costs of the company maintaining its own resources against the costs of using the HP ProLiant-based public cloud.
C. It highlights the administration and labor savings that the customer gains by deploying ProLiant Gen8 servers.
D. It shows payback, break-even, and ROI if the customer replaces ProLiant Gen8 servers with Moonshot servers. Correct Answer: C
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
How do HP FlexNetwork solutions reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)? (Select two.)
A. They meet customers’ needs with fewer devices and ports.
B. They host virtual machines (VMs) with pooled compute, storage, and solutions.
C. They reduce maintenance and ongoing administrative costs.
D. They help administrators easily add topology tiers to meet modern data center needs. They segment management teams across silos. Correct Answer: AC
Explanation Explanation/Reference:
Reference: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/v2/GetPDF.aspx/4AA3-6037ENW.pdf
Your customer’s current HP solutions include HP MSA 2000 and HP ProLiant ML300 products. They are ready to enter the next phase of business expansion. Which product families should you suggest for their upgrade?
A. HP StoreVirtual and MicroServers
B. HP XP and ProLiant SL6500
C. HP StoreOnce 4×00 and ProLiant DL300
D. HP D-Series Disk Enclosures and a MultiService Router (MSR) 900 Correct Answer: C
Explanation Explanation/Reference: QUESTION 24
You are looking for the right HP server solution for a customer. Where can you find server positioning information?
A. HP Just Right Guide or Simply IT Solutions Guide
B. HP Solutions Builder Program portal
C. HP Systems Insight Management (SIM) portal
D. HP Network Design Consulting Guide
Correct Answer: A Explanation
http://h17007.www1.hp.com/docs/justrightit/100261473- 1%20JRIT_Solution_Guide_RD4_0823_ct.pdf
A company needs a new backup solution that allows the IT staff to back up data from multiple branch offices. There have been only three requests to restore files over the past year, and none of the requests were urgent. The company also needs to comply with regulatory requirements, which stipulate that the data must be stored for seven years. Which solution would you recommend?
A. HP MSA 2000
B. HP StoreOnce 4000
C. HP StoreOnce VSA
D. HP MSL Tape libraries
Correct Answer: D Explanation

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