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What should you remember about running disk defragmenter on an operating system that is running slow but has fully functional hard drives as verified by one of HPs hard drive diagnostic tests? (Select two.)
A. Disk defragmenter cannot be used on SCSI drives.
B. Disk defragmenter should not be used on solid-state drives (SSD).
C. Disk defragmenter should be the only program running while the disk is defragmenting.
D. Disk defragmenter does not increase the responsiveness of the operating system.
E. Disk defragmenter cannot be used with drives in RAID configuration.

Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 32
You are having difficulty diagnosing a problem. You suspect a firmware issue that might be solved by a BIOS upgrade.
What should you do before performing the upgrade?
A. Check the HP Website to see whether the BIOS update addresses the specific issue, and make sure the customer is okay with upgrading their BIOS.
B. Download the HP BIOS compatibility utility, and run BIOS diagnostics.
C. Export the certificates and encryption keys from the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) because a BIOS upgrade removes all certificates and keys.
D. Upgrade the BIOS right away because that tends to solve most problems in less time.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 33
Which Linux operating system is typically installed on HP commercial notebooks?
A. Red Hat Linux, because it has the best technical paid and unpaid support
B. Ubuntu Linux, because it has the widest user adoption of all Linux distributions
C. FreeBSD, because it is the same operating system that Apple modified to create OS X
D. SuSE Linux, because it is user friendly, well documented, and compact

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 34
What happens to systems that use the non-UEFI based HP BIOS when the Real-Time Clock (RTC) battery is replaced?
A. The system date and time, saved passwords, and customized settings are cleared.
B. The system date and time, saved passwords, and customized settings are backed up.
C. The system date and time are cleared, but passwords and customized settings are backed up.
D. The system date and time are backed up, but passwords and customized settings are cleared.

Correct Answer: A
How do the automatic Power-On Self-Tests (POST) notify you of errors discovered during computer startup? (Select three.)
A. a beep code
B. a PXE message on the PXE server
C. a message on a USB-connected computer
D. an on-screen error message
E. an LED code
F. an email message

Correct Answer: ABD
Which two Web sites provide information to locate replacement part numbers?
A. HP Replacement Parts and HP Warranty Lookup
B. HP PartSurfer and HP Services Media Library
C. HP Replacement Parts and HP Services Media Library
D. HP Channel Services Network and HP PartSurfer

Correct Answer: A
Which removable and replaceable wireless connectivity service modules are often found in HP products? (Select two.)
A. Bluetooth module
B. HP ePrint wireless direct mobile printing
C. Wireless keyboard module
D. Logitech wireless mouse module
E. Wi-Fi (WLAN) module
Correct Answer: AE
What is the correct order of steps in the HP six-step troubleshooting process?
A. Collect data, evaluate data, develop action plan, implement action plan, problem solved, and implement preventative measures.
B. Collect data, evaluate data, implement preventative measures, develop action plan, implement action plan, and problem solved.
C. Develop action plan, implement action plan, implement preventative measures, collect data, evaluate data, and problem solved.
D. Develop action plan, implement action plan, collect data, evaluate data, problem solved, and implement preventative measures.
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 39
Which statement best describes how the switchable graphics feature functions in HP notebooks?
A. The switchable graphics feature is an Intel-only technology that enables the GPU to enhance processor-intensive applications by switching some of the application threads to GPU threads using the less power-intensive GPU for processing data.
B. When configured in the BIOS, the switchable graphics feature determines whether the notebook is connected to the power supply and automatically uses only the discrete GPU for all graphics processing.
C. The switchable graphics feature uses the discrete GPU for graphics-intensive applications and the UMA graphics controller for other applications.
D. The switchable graphics feature is an AMD-only technology for adding up to three external displays through the DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA ports.

Correct Answer: C
Which troubleshooting technique is useful for issues in all of these areas: system memory, system software, and system lockup?
A. Run a BIOS system check.
B. Check and remove third-party hardware, software, or peripherals.
C. Install HP Advanced System Diagnostics from a USB drive.
D. Replace suspected malfunctioning components with known working components.

Correct Answer: A
What is the correct way to back-up the BIOS on HP desktops and workstations?
A. Launch HP ProtectTools, run the BIOS back-up utility from the ProtectTools back-up options menu, and insert a USB drive into the computer. When the computer restarts, it saves the BIOS settings to the USB drive.
B. Run the HP BIOS Browser utility from the Windows command line to export the BIOS settings to an installed USB drive. The USB drive is automatically formatted and prepared for the BIOS recovery process.
C. Execute the HP Setup Utility, and run the Save to Diskette or Replicated Setup feature to save to a
1.44 MB diskette or to another storage device that can replicate a diskette.
D. Configure the HP Backup and Protect suite to include BIOS backup in the System Configuration tab. This stores the latest successful boot BIOS to the boot block ROM in case of BIOS failure.
Correct Answer: D
Why should you identify the model and version of the computer before performing service?
A. The hardware might have changed between different versions of the same computer model.
B. You might find an updated service manual for the product you are servicing, which can only be determined by searching for the exact model and version.
C. The model and version together can be decoded to show you exactly what shipped in the initial configuration of the product.
D. The computer model is the only important information because each component has a replacement part number.

Correct Answer: B
Which software application for HP commercial notebooks helps customers tailor system functions to maximize notebook capabilities and meet their needs?
A. HP QuickLook
B. HP QuickSync
C. HP Power Assistant
D. HP Performance Advisor

Correct Answer: D
What is the correct way to clear the CMOS memory on an HP notebook?
A. Disconnect all power sources (cable and battery), remove the CMOS jumper access panel, move the jumper to the third position (the reset position), reconnect power, turn on the notebook, move the CMOS jumper back to the normal position, disconnect power, reassemble the notebook, and reconnect power.
B. Disconnect all power sources (cable and battery), remove the RTC battery, short the RTC battery connectors with a screwdriver, reconnect the RTC battery, reassemble the notebook, and reconnect power.
C. Disconnect all power sources (cable and battery), remove the CMOS button access panel, press and hold the CMOS button for five seconds, replace all components, and reconnect power.
D. Disconnect all power sources (cable and battery), remove the RTC battery, wait five minutes, replace the RTC battery, reassemble the notebook, and reconnect power.

Correct Answer: D
Which statement is true about the similarities between DMIFIT (2009-2010) and WNDMIFIT (2011 and later), which can be used to flash the Direct Media Interface (DMI) on HP notebooks?
A. Both have command-line interfaces to type the information into the CMOS.
B. Both are part of the BOIS update and can be run natively from the HP notebook.
C. Both can be loaded and run from the command line while Windows is running.
D. Both can be loaded and run from a USB drive.

Correct Answer: C
What is the purpose of the committing step that is part of the required Direct Media Interface (DMI) updating process for commercial notebooks?
A. Committing is enabling HP proprietary software to catalog the unique ID for each component installed in the system and to register each component with HP once the computer is online.
B. Committing is registering a board for a specific customer organization in the BIOS. This ensures that the computer can be recovered if stolen.
C. Committing is enabling or disabling an integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) along with certain Intel security features.
D. Committing is enabling or disabling an integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) along with certain AMD security features.
Correct Answer: A
Which service descriptions are true of HP’s self-repair service? (Select two.)
A. HP provides remote diagnosis, remote remedy, and shipping of necessary repair parts to the customer. The customer is responsible for installing the parts and returning all defective and unused parts to HP.
B. The customer can choose to install the replacement parts and return the defective parts to HP, or the customer can have HP install and return parts for a fee.
C. HP provides remote diagnosis, picks-up the product for repair, and returns the product to the customer
D. HP pays for all parts and shipping.
E. HP pays for shipping the replacement parts, and the customer pays for return shipping of unused and defective parts.

Correct Answer: A
Which HP business computer service tag item is no longer included on new HP notebook service tags?
A. product name
B. serial number
C. model key
D. SKU number

Correct Answer: C
What can result from a computer losing power during a BIOS upgrade if the computer does not have a FailSafe Boot Block?
A. The computer reverts to the earlier version of BIOS because HP BIOS updates are fully redundant and include built-in backup and restore in case of power loss during upgrade.
B. The update fails, but HP BIOS updates can always be re-run to return the computer to a working state even if power is lost during a BIOS update.
C. The system ROM can become corrupt causing the system board to fail requiring replacement of the system board.
D. The system memory can become corrupt requiring replacement of the memory.

Correct Answer: C
How can you gain access to a system that is secured with a solenoid lock if you do not have the setup utility password?
A. Clear the CMOS by pressing and holding the CMOS button for three to five seconds.
B. Remove the solenoid hood lock from the chassis using a FailSafe key available from HP support.
C. Call HP Support, and request the HP authorized service provider override password for the device.
D. Clear the password using HP ProtectTools running from a USB drive.
Correct Answer: B
What does Intel’s vProTM technology enable with AMT?
A. capability to run diagnostics from the hard disk drive or from a bootable USB key taking full advantage of the error detection capabilities of Intel’s system diagnostics suite
B. capability to use a SATA solid state drive (SSD) as disk cache for a conventional hard disk drive or a RAID volume
C. capability to use self-encrypting drives with Intel-based motherboards by offloading some of the encryption algorithms to the dedicated vPro chip
D. remote management and security configuration of PCs that are Out of Band when PC power is off the OS is unavailable, or hardware has failed
Correct Answer: A
How should you tighten screws while servicing HP notebooks?
A. Tighten screws as much as possible to ensure that they stay tight in tough situations where screws fall out and become lost
B. Tighten screws minimally because notebooks must remain flexible to avoid breaking internal components
C. Tighten screws only until they are snug because over-tightening can strip threads or stress plastic components causing parts or boards to misalign
D. Place screws using a small amount of thermal grease to ensure that heat transfer does not cause the screws to expand and fuse to the rest of the assembly

Correct Answer: C
Which HP support communication type is the most urgent level and requires immediate attention upon receipt?
A. bulletin
B. advisory
C. statement
D. notice

Correct Answer: D
You have run the ipconfig utility. What information generated by the utility would tell you that the computer IP address is assigned via DHCP?
A. If the IP address is or any other IP address between and, it is DHCP.
B. See the line labeled ‘DHCP enabled’.
C. If the default gateway is 0 0.0.0. It is DHCP.
D. If the subnet mask is, it is DHCP

Correct Answer: B

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