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What are the supported operating systems for HP Support Assistant?
A. Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Linux
B. Windows 7, and Windows 8
C. Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
D. Windows 7, Windows 8, and Linux

Correct Answer: B
What kind of functionality do Mini PCI cards typically provide for HP commercial notebooks?
A. Wireless Display (WiDi) connectivity
B. WWAN capabilities
C. Wi-Fi connectivity
D. Bluetooth communication

Correct Answer: C
What protocol must the graphics controller support to enable HP Display Assistant (HPDA) to control and set the monitor for best picture quality?
A. the Display Control Calibration Interface protocol
B. the Display Data Channel Command Interface protocol
C. the Monitor Control Calibration Interface protocol
D. the Monitor Data Channel Command protocol

Correct Answer: B
Which statement best describes self-encrypting drive (SED) technology?
A. SEDs can support hardware-based encryption, software-based encryption, and a combination of the two configured using HP ProtectTools.
B. The hardware-based encryption in a SED uses a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm that surpasses the Trusted Computing Group’s OPAL Security standard.
C. SEDs that use hardware-based encryption encrypt all files on the disk other than operating system files.
D. SEDs can support hardware-based encryption or software-based encryption configured using HP ProtectTools.

Correct Answer: D
Which statement best describes the Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) environment standard to which HP is committed?
A. RoHS regulates the supply and return of notebook batteries.
B. RoHS regulates the supply and return of parts containing restricted or controlled materials.
C. RoHS defines the process for a compliant processor upgrade.
D. RoHS defines the policy for the disposal of obsolete equipment.
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 6

What tag do certain HP workstations have (in addition to the service tag) that provides the build ID and the feature byte, which are required for replacing a system board?
A. the support label
B. the flexbuild label
C. the technician data label
D. the system board label

Correct Answer: A
Why is an antistatic mat important for controlling electrostatic discharge? (select two)
A. provides a soft surface to prevent scratches on the case or outer shell of the computer.
B. provides a dissipative connection for a wrist strap that must be worn by the service technician.
C. drains power quickly with a surface that provides real ground potential with a very low electrical impedance.
D. provides electrostatic protection for sensitive equipment without requiring the mat to be connected to a ground.
E. provides a surface that gradually bleeds electrical energy instead of collapsing to real ground potential.

Correct Answer: AB
What is a good reason to download and install the latest driver updates and software patches when servicing HP computers (remember to ask the customer before upgrading)?
A. Software patches and driver updates are integrated into the products and automatically installed as soon as the computer recognizes the new device.
B. Software patches and driver updates can improve USB performance with an increase equal to USB 2.0 ports performing at the same level that UBS 3.0 ports do.
C. Software patches and driver updates provide code necessary for the computer hardware to remain compatible with changing technologies and to enhance performance.
D. Software patches and driver updates increase compatibility with specific programs, and reviewing technical bulletins before installing updates is critical.
Correct Answer: C
Which I/O port can support quad output at OXGA resolution and 30-bit color?
C. DisplayPort
D. S-Video

Correct Answer: C
Which parts in HP notebooks are customer replaceable in the Customer Self Repair program? (Select two.)
A. liquid crystalline display (LCD)
B. finger print reader
C. memory
D. Bluetooth module
E. wireless antenna

Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 11
Which HP resource provides product-rich service information, such as Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) removal and replacement procedures, parts locators, and system diagnostics?
A. HP Warranty Lookup
B. HP Services Media Library
C. HP Channel Services Network
D. HP Technical Support
E. HP Support Center (formerly IT Resource Center)

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 12
How do you clear the system password on an HP notebook computer manufactured in 2009 or later? (Select two.)
A. Replace the system board, or escalate to HP Support.
B. Run BiosConfigUtility.exe, and use the password reset function (if HP ProtectTools was used to create the BIOS account and the notebook can boot past POST without the password).
C. Restart the notebook from a USB drive that contains HP ProtectTools, and select the option to clear the system password.
D. Flash the BIOS to upgrade it to the latest version. This also resets the system password.
E. Follow the steps to clear the CMOS password. This also resets the system password.

Correct Answer: DE QUESTION 13
Some HP business products provide additional USB power options. Which voltages and associated colors are correct for USB power provisioning?
A. 5V (ivory), 10V (green), and 12V (teal)
B. 5V (ivory), 10V (green), and 20V (purple)
C. 5V (ivory), 12V (teal), and 20V (purple)
D. 5V (ivory), 12V (teal), and 24V (red)

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 14
PCIe cards have a maximum allowable power consumption of 25 Watts although some x16 slots support higher wattages. What is the best way to verify that the PCI slot supports the device power requirements?
A. Search the Internet for information from anyone who has performed the same installation you are performing.
B. Install the device, and see if the device works as specified.
C. Check the power supply for additional PCI devices with which to add additional power.
D. Check the product QuickSpecs for product support information.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 15
Which disclosure level is specified in EF0012J according to the support communication code for indicating audiences?
A. The E is for external partners specifying that this communication is restricted from the general public and end users but is available to all external HP partners.
C. The technician must prove hardware functionality and must work with the network administrator to configure the device network adapter.
D. The technician must prove hardware functionality of any HP networking device that is included in the computer.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 30
Where should you look for warnings and instructions regarding safety precautions when servicing HP products?
A. in the service manual only because it is the only accepted source for accurate knowledge
B. on the computer and on HP service blog posts
C. on the computer and on any replacement parts
D. in the service manual and on HP service blog posts

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 31

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