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Question No : 1
Which feature is used to update attribute values in party demographicsnative XML?
A. UPDATE SQL ?entire XML is replaced
B. XPATH ?specific XML value is updated
C. Spec version is updated
D. None of the above

Answer: B
Question No : 2
If SDP finds a suspect duplicate party, you may need to use the Data Stewardship featurefunctionality to:
A. Search and inquire for parties marked as suspect duplicates
B. Collapse parties together
C. Split parties apart
D. All of the above

Answer: D
Question No : 3
SDP on or off is configured in which of the following:
A. configelementtable
B. SDP table
C. External Rule
D. Suspect table

Answer: A
Question No : 4
What is multiform master data management?
A. Manages master data across multiple data domains
B. Manages master data across multiple data domains, provides analytical functions like a data warehouse
C. Manages master data across multiple data domains, provides operational, collaborative, and analytical functions
D. Focuses deeply on a single data domain; can manage master data across multiple domains when needed; data is operational

Answer: C
Question No : 5
Which file defines the dtd snippet for the new attributes in data extension?
A. tcrmRequest_extension.dtd
B. myTCRM.dtd
C. tCRMResponse.dtd
D. DWLAdminrequest_extension.dtd

Answer: A
Question No : 6
Which of thefollowing statements is INCORRECT for Data addition?
A. New information hub is created every time there is a new data addition
B. New table is created every time there is a new data addition
C. New transaction is created every time there is a new data addition
D. New controller is created every time there is a new data addition

Answer: A
Question No : 7
What is used by Spec to define data structure?
B. Database table
C. Property file

Answer: D
Question No : 8
What are generated byworkbench as part of code generation for data extensions?
A. Business Component
B. Extended business object
C. New Services
D. None of the above

Answer: B
Question No : 9
What is the significance of updateRecord() in extended component class?
A. Itupdates the data in the database
B. It updates the new attributes in the database
C. It contains validation for data
D. It checks for Primary Key value in the database

Answer: B
Question No : 10
What components in batch processor can be customized?
A. Reader and parser
B. Writer and parser
C. Writer and constructor
D. Reader and writer

Answer: D
Question No : 11
Which scenario showcases the best use of Spec?
A. Reduce IT work
B. Map 1-M relation between Party and new attributes
C. Map dynamicattributes
D. Leverage database feature to handle XML

Answer: C
Question No : 12
Which metadata table registers the extension behavior class location?
A. ExtensionSet
B. Extsetcondval
C. CDconditionalvalTP
D. CDConditionTP

Answer: A
Question No : 13
In the Party Domain, we’d like to specify the relationship between customer and book. The book entity contains the following attributes: book title, ISBN number, number of pages and publisher. What is the best way to implement the book entity?
A. Data extension
B. Data addition
C. Behavior extension
D. None of the above
Answer: B

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