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1Y0-A22 dumps

Which two methods can an administrator use to configure Web Interface in high availability mode? (Choose two.)
A. Windows Cluster services
B. NetScaler Load Balancing feature
C. Windows Load Balancing services
D. NetScaler Access Gateway feature
1Y0-A22 exam Correct Answer: BC
A XenApp Administrator plans to use Citrix NetScaler to load balance Web Interface servers. Which persistence setting should the administrator choose to correctly configure high availability for Web Interface?
Correct Answer: D
Scenario: A XenApp Administrator of a 100-server farm needs to apply Citrix and vendor hotfixes on a monthly basis, and a server restart is always required. The administrator needs to automate this process but does NOT have a third party tool available. Which two tasks should the administrator complete to guarantee that updates will be applied successfully? (Choose two.)
A. Prohibit logons and notify users.
B. Restart the server and install hotfixes.
C. Apply application load evaluators and notify users.
D. Log off all users from servers and schedule a .EXE setup file installation.
1Y0-A22 dumps Correct Answer: AB
Scenario: The Citrix Administrator of a large farm needs to perform a health check after a scheduled update window. The health check should alert the administrator when the server is unavailable to users. Which action must the administrator take to perform a health check after a scheduled update window?
A. Use PowerShell SDK scripts to verify the applied updates.
B. Use MFCOM to check applied updates and enabled logons.
C. Use MFCOM scripts to verify enabled logons and open Citrix ports.
D. Use PowerShell SDK scripts to check enabled logons and open Citrix ports.

Correct Answer: D
Scenario: A new administrator has been asked to ensure that all servers meet the minimum required patching level. A test server has been used to confirm that all patches can be deployed to the production servers. Testing has identified that production servers are NOT at the same patch level. Which action can the administrator take to identify which patches are required on each production server?
A. Use the Citrix Computer policy wizard.
B. Use the Citrix AppCenter History node.
C. Use the Citrix AppCenter Configuration Tools node.
D. Use the Prepare this server for imaging and provisioning task.
1Y0-A22 pdf Correct Answer: C
Scenario: A XenApp Administrator needs to deploy a small MSI package across all XenApp servers. This package requires a restart which needs to be scheduled to ensure that all servers do NOT restart at once. Which action must the administrator take to fulfill the requirement?
A. Set up Installation Manager.
B. Configure Health Monitoring and Recovery.
C. Create a maintenance policy in the AppCenter console.
D. Use the XenApp Server Role Manager to install Installation Manager.
Correct Answer: A
Which component should an administrator monitor to verify if the XenApp servers are accepting ICA connections?
A. ICA Listener
B. Logon Monitor
C. Citrix IMA Service
D. Citrix Streaming Service
1Y0-A22 vce Correct Answer: A
A XenApp Administrator needs to set up monitoring between a Web Interface server and the back-end XenApp servers.  Which component should the administrator monitor?
A. ICA Listener
B. Citrix IMA Service
C. Local Host Cache
D. Citrix XML Service
Correct Answer: D
Scenario: Some users in remote offices complain that Citrix sessions are slow, and the network administrator has asked the Citrix Administrator to determine whether any data transmission errors are occurring for a group of sample users. In this environment, EdgeSight, Branch Repeater and Session Reliability are NOT used. How can the Citrix Administrator determine the extent of data transmission errors based on the sample users?
A. Configure Multi-Stream for sample users.
B. Open the Citrix Connection Center for sample users.
C. Enable ICA round trip calculators for idle connections for sample users.
D. Change the active session limit to something other than Never in the ICA-TCP settings.
1Y0-A22 exam Correct Answer: B
Scenario: A user reports that a hosted desktop session is sporadically slow. To assess the problem, an administrator reviews the Client Connection Status of the user and observes the information displayed in the attached exhibit.
Click the Exhibit button to view the attached exhibit.

1Y0-A22 dumps

What can the administrator assess about the network based on the information in the exhibit?
A. ICA network traffic is functioning normally.
B. The white receive bar indicates there is a problem receiving data.
C. Incoming data is constrained as evidenced by the number of incoming versus outgoing frames.
D. Outgoing data is constrained as evidenced by four times the number of incoming bytes/frames.
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: A remote user has reported that published applications are occasionally slow or choppy. The administrator thinks that it may be a network issue, and requests that the user send a Client Connection Status screenshot which is shown in the attached exhibit. Click the Exhibit button to view the attached exhibit.
1Y0-A22 dumps

Which conclusion can the administrator make based on the information in the attached exhibit?
A. ICA network traffic is functioning normally.
B. The white bar indicates that there may be a problem with incoming data.
C. Outgoing data is constrained as evidenced by the number of bytes/frame.
D. An older version of the Citrix Receiver may be causing ICA traffic to function less optimally.

1Y0-A22 dumps Correct Answer: A

A governmental auditor was assigned to determine reasons why the students in one region scored significantly higher on education evaluation tests than did the students in another region. Previous research showed that there is a direct correlation between public financial support and student results. Which of the following is most likely to explain the difference in the regional results?
A. The more successful region spends 30 percent more money on education than does the other region.
B. A higher percentage of the general tax fund is spent on education in the more successful region than in the other region.
C. The more successful region spends more money per student on education than does the other region.
D. The more successful region has increased educational spending by an average of 10 percent each year for the last three years, whereas the other region’s increase averaged only three percent.
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following would constitute a violation of the IIA Code of Ethics?
A. An internal auditor, who has recently joined the organization, has accepted an assignment to audit the electronics manufacturing division. The auditor previously served as senior auditor for the external audit of that division and has audited many electronics companies during the past two years.
B. An internal auditor has accepted an assignment to audit the warehousing function six months from now. The auditor has no expertise in that area but has signed up for courses in warehousing that will be completed before the assignment begins.
C. An internal auditor has no ambitions for promotion and has not engaged in training or other professional development activities during the last three years. The auditor’s performance assessments indicate consistent quality of work.
D. An internal auditor discovered an internal financial fraud during the year, and the financial statements were adjusted to properly reflect the loss associated with the fraud. The auditor discussed the fraud with the external auditor during the external auditor’s review of the working papers detailing the incident.
1Y0-A22 pdf Correct Answer: C
An auditor decides to perform an inventory turnover analysis for both raw materials inventory and finished goods inventory. The analysis would be potentially useful in:
I. Identifying products for which management has not been attuned to changes in market demand.
II. Identifying potential problems in purchasing activities.
III. Identifying obsolete inventory.

A. III only
B. I and II only
C. II and III only
D. I, II, and III
Correct Answer: D
An internal auditor provided the following statement about division A’s performance during the month: “Because supplies of raw material X were scarce, division A’s profits declined by 15 percent.” Which of the following can be validly concluded from the auditor’s statement?
I. Division A’s production level declined by 15 percent.
II. Division A could have sold more products than it produced.
III. Division A usually sells all of the products that it produces.
A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I and II only
1Y0-A22 vce Correct Answer: B
As part of an operational audit of the shipping department, an auditor selected a sample of 45 daily shipping logs from the department’s files. On 44 of the days, the log contained a sufficient number of shipments to meet the department’s daily quota. Based on this test, the auditor concluded that the shipping department was effective at meeting its quotas. Which of the following is true about the auditor’s conclusion?
A. The number of items selected for testing is inadequate to justify the conclusion.
B. The shipping department is effective in meeting its responsibilities.
C. This conclusion would negate any need to perform tests of efficiency.
D. None of the above.
Correct Answer: D
An internal audit activity implemented an integrated test facility to test payroll processing. The auditors identified the key controls and processing steps built into the computer program and developed test data to test them. The auditors submitted test transactions throughout the year and did not find any differences in their test results. The auditors can conclude that:
A. The system is properly capturing the hours worked by employees during the year and the hours have been properly submitted to payroll and processed correctly.
B. All employees were correctly paid during the year and their pay was correctly computed.
C. The computer application and its control procedures were processing payroll transactions correctly during the past year.
D. All of the above.
1Y0-A22 exam Correct Answer: C
A code of ethics within the internal auditing profession is necessary in order to:
A. Reduce the likelihood that members of the profession will be sued for substandard work.
B. Ensure that all members of the profession perform at approximately the same level of competence.
C. Provide guidance to internal auditors in their service to others.

D. Require members of the profession to exhibit loyalty in all matters pertaining to the affairs of their organization.
Correct Answer: C
An auditor is scheduled to audit payroll controls for a company which has recently outsourced its processing to an information service bureau. What action should the auditor take, considering the outsourcing decision?
A. Review the controls over payroll in both the company and the service bureau.
B. Review only the company’s controls over data sent to and received from the service bureau.
C. Review only the controls over payments to the service bureau based on the contract.
D. Cancel the engagement because the processing is being performed outside of the organization.
1Y0-A22 dumps Correct Answer: A

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