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Microsoft CCNP Security 300-210 Online Exam Practice Questions

Which statement about the Cisco ASA CX role in inspecting SSL traffic is true?
A. To decrypt traffic, the Cisco ASA CX must accept the websites\\’ certificates as Trusted Root Cas.
B. If the administrator elects to decrypt traffic, the Cisco ASA CX acts as a man-in–me- middle.
C. Either all traffic is decrypted, or no traffic is decrypted by the Cisco ASA CX.
D. The traffic is encrypted, so the Cisco ASA CX cannot determine the content of the traffic.
Correct Answer: B


What type of interface is required to pass VLAN tagged traffic from one network to another on a Firepower 7125?
A. logical switched
B. logical routed
C. physical switched
D. hybrid
E. physical routed
Correct Answer: A


With Cisco FirePOWER Threat Defense software, which interface mode do you configure for an IPS deployment, where
traffic passes through the appliance but does not require VLAN rewriting?
A. inline set
B. passive
C. inline tap
D. routed
E. transparent
Correct Answer: E

Which two conditions must you configure in an event action rule to match all IPv4 addresses in the victim range and
filter on the complete subsignature range? (Choose two.)
A. Disable event action override.
B. Leave the victim address range unspecified.
C. Set the subsignature ID-range to the default.
D. Set the deny action percentage to 100.
E. Set the deny action percentage to 0.
Correct Answer: BC


Which two statements about Cisco Cloud Web Security functionality are true? (Choose two.)
A. It integrates with Cisco Integrated Service Routers.
B. It supports threat avoidance and threat remediation.
C. It extends web security to the desktop, laptop, and PDA.
D. It integrates with Cisco ASA Firewalls.
Correct Answer: AD


QUESTION 6pass4itsure 300-210 exam question q6 pass4itsure 300-210 exam question q6-1

To what extent will the Cisco IPS sensor contribute data to the Cisco SensorBase network?
A. It will not contribute to the SensorBase network.
B. It will contribute to the SensorBase network, but will withhold some sensitive information
C. It will contribute the victim IP address and port to the SensorBase network.
D. It will not contribute to Risk Rating adjustments that use information from the SensorBase network.
Correct Answer: B
To configure network participation, follow these steps:
Step 1: Log in to IDM using an account with administrator privileges. Step 2: Choose Configuration > Policies > Global
Correlation > Network Participation. Step 3: To turn on network participation, click the Partial or Full radio button:
?artial–Data is contributed to the SensorBase Network, but data considered potentially sensitive is filtered out and never
?ull–All data is contributed to the SensorBase Network
In this case, we can see that this has been turned off as shown below:

pass4itsure 300-210 exam question q6-2


Which Cisco deployment architectures support Clustering? (Choose 2).
A. Cisco FirePOWER Management Center
B. Cisco ASAv
C. Cisco FirePOWER Appliances (NGIPS)
D. Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services
Correct Answer: CD


Which two pieces of information are required to implement transparent user identification using context Directory Agent?
(Choose two.)
A. the shared secret
B. the server name where Context Directory Agent is installed
C. the server name of the global catalog domaint controller
D. the syslog server IP address
Correct Answer: AB


What are two features of the Cisco ASA NGFW? (Choose two.)
A. It can restrict access based on qualitative analysis.
B. It can restrict access based on reputation.
C. It can reactively protect against Internet threats.
D. It can proactively protect against Internet threats.
Correct Answer: BD


Which interface type allows packets to be dropped?
A. passive
B. inline
D. either passive or inline, provided that the intrusion policy has the Drop When Inline check box selected.
Correct Answer: D


Which option describes device trajectory on Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints?
A. It shows the file path on a host.
B. It shows a full packet capture of the file.
C. It shows which devices on the network received the file.
D. It shows what a file did on a host.
Correct Answer: D

Which statement about the default configuration of an IPS sensor\\’s management security settings is true?
A. There is no login banner
B. The web server port is TCP 80
C. Telnet and SSH are enable
D. User accounts lock after three attempts
Correct Answer: A


Which Cisco ESA component receives connections from external mail servers?
B. public listener
C. private listener
D. recipient access table
E. SMTP incoming relay agent
Correct Answer: B

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