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Which of the following nodes can you use when you create a calculation view with the SAP HANA studio graphical interface? (Choose two)
A. Data Foundation
B. Aggregation
C. Join
D. Analytic Privilege

Correct Answer: BC
When table replication is suspended, what does the SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) server do?
A. It prevents the RFC connection from reading the source system logging tables.
B. It deletes the database triggers and the logging tables in the source system.
C. It stops the RFC connection and deletes the target tables in SAP HANA.
D. It keeps reading via the RFC connection from the source system but does not load the data into SAP HANA.

Correct Answer: A
Which of the following can be part of an analytic view? (Choose three)
A. Query transformation
B. Unions
C. Logical joins
D. Data foundation
E. Attributes

Correct Answer: CDE
Which tool do you use for real-time data provisioning into SAP HANA?
A. SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)
B. SAP BusinessObjects Data Federation Administration
C. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
D. SAP Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)

Correct Answer: A  https://www.lead4pass.com/c_hanaimp_1.html

You are experiencing performance problems with SAP BusinessObjects reports based on SAP HANA data.
Which of the following can you do to increase performance? (Choose two)
A. Add only relevant data to the report queries.
B. Avoid aggregation and work on raw data.
C. Merge all relevant data into a consolidated report.
D. Use drill-down or linked reports.
Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 6
You have set up replication from SAP ERP using SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT). You notice that the information models do not show the latest data from ERP.
What do you check to investigate this? (Choose two)
A. Activation status of the information models
B. Transaction SAP ERP Data Modeler (SD11)
C. Transaction LTR on SLT
D. Data Provisioning view in SAP HANA studio

Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 7
You create a business layer in the SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool (IDT). Which of the following could you add to the data foundation? (Choose two)
A. Packages
B. Column Tables
C. Synonyms
D. Information Models

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 8
You implemented SAP-delivered business content on SAP HANA. When you try to activate the business content the activation fails.
What could be a reason for this?
A. You have not created a calculation view to expose the data to the users.
B. The data has not been loaded into SAP HANA memory yet.
C. The schema mapping was not set up correctly.
D. The import of business content was performed with the _SYS_REPO user.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 9
You want to allow another developer to access the information models in one of your packages. What privilege do you have to assign to this user to allow access?
B. SELECT on _SYS_REPO with the grant option
C. REPO.READ for the package

Correct Answer: C

Which data provisioning method can you use to load data from SAP business content DataSources into SAP HANA? (Choose two)
A. SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)
B. SAP Landscape Directory (SLD)
C. SAP Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)
D. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services

Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 11
Your customer requires real-time replication.
Where do you select the tables to be replicated to SAP HANA?

A. in transaction LTR in SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)
B. in the Import dialog of the Quick Launch of SAP HANA studio
C. in transaction SAP ERP Tables and Indexes Monitor (DB02)
D. in the Data Provisioning dialog of SAP HANA studio

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 12
Which of the following can you use as a source for a graphical calculation view? (Choose three)
A. Calculation view
B. SQL view
C. Decision table
D. Table
E. Procedure

Correct Answer: ACD

Which of the following can you check to investigate the query time in SAP HANA? (Choose three)
A. The SQL plan cache
B. The Central Management Console
C. The expensive statements trace
D. The statistics server warning for long-running statements
E. The System information tab of the Administration console

Correct Answer: ACD QUESTION 14
You create a role with the following command: CREATE ROLE “InfoUser”
When you try to assign this role to user PETER with the following command:
GRANT InfoUser to PETER you receive an error message “Invalid user privilege: INFO USER”.
What must you do to avoid this problem? (Choose three)

A. Recreate the role with the command CREATE ROLE InfoUser.
B. Recreate user PETER with GRANT OPTION.
C. Grant the role of the WITH ADMIN OPTION.
D. Recreate the role with the command CREATE ROLE INFO USER.
E. Grant the role with the command GRANT “InfoUser” to PETER.

Correct Answer: ADE QUESTION 15
Which of the following can you set up to enable the extraction of data from SAP Business Warehouse (BW) into SAP HANA? (Choose three)
A. SAP System Landscape Directory (SLD)
B. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
C. SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)
D. Open hub
E. SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)

Correct Answer: BDE
Which of the following does an SAP BusinessObjects universe use to communicate with SAP HANA?

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following must you do in order to use SAP BusinessObjects Explorer on SAP HANA data? (Choose two)
A. Create a delivery unit.
B. Create a business layer.
C. Create an information model.
D. Create an information space.

Correct Answer: CD


Where is the physical data stored, on which a calculation view is based?
A. In the _SYS_BI schema
B. In a schema
C. In the _SYS_BIC schema
D. In a package
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following automatically aggregates data? (Choose two)
A. Analytic view
B. Calculation view
C. Column table
D. Attribute view
Correct Answer: AB
Which privilege type do you have to assign to a role, when you want to provide row-level access to data?
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 21
Using SAP BusinessObjects Data Services, in which of the following can you perform data transformations? (Choose two)
A. Query
B. Datastore
C. XML File
D. Script

Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 22
In which tool can you create information spaces for reporting?
A. in the SAP HANA modeler perspective
B. in the SAP HANA SQL editor
C. in SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
D. in the Information Design Tool

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 23
During loading of data into SAP HANA you want to filter the source data. Where can you apply the filters? (Choose two)
A. In a query transformation in SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
B. In a row generation transformation in SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
C. In a SQL WHERE clause in SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)
D. In an ABAP code rule in SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)

Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 24
You have created an MS Excel report on SAP HANA data.
On which of the following could you store the Excel file and make it available for other users?

A. Shared network drive
B. SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool
C. SAP HANA database
D. SAP HANA studio Content node

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 25
You want to restrict access to SAP HANA information models based on user groups. The models are accessed through an SAP BusinessObjects report.
In which of the following can you implement these restrictions? (Choose two)
A. The schema mapping
B. The restricted measures
C. The analytic privileges
D. The universe Correct Answer: CD

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