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The storage management portal is a portal that provides management features for
A. Vertically tiered cloud storage devices
B. Horizontally scaled cloud storage devices
C. Block-based storage devices
D. Alltypesof cloud storage devices
Answer: D
Which pattern can be applied to establish a failover system for cloud storage devices that enables continuous data access for cloud consumers?
A. Direct LUN Access
B. Redundant Storage
C. Storage Workload Management
D. Intra-Storage Device Vertical Tiering
Answer: B
The application of the Intra-Storage Device Vertical Tiering pattern establishes a system that optimizes the availability of different disk types of the same capacity.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B


A. Watchdog system
B. Capacityplanner system
C. Failover system C D.Intelligent automation engine
Answer: A
After applying the _____________pattern, a system is established in which a _____________is used to provide virtual servers with direct access to LUNs.
A. Direct LUN Access, hypervisor
B. Redundant Storage, cloud storage device
C. Direct LUN Access, physical host bus adapter card
D. Redundant Storage, virtual switch
Answer: C
The Hypervisor Clustering pattern establishes a _____________that is comprised of multiple hypervisors residing on different physical servers.
A. High-availability hypervisor cluster
B. Nested storage resource pool
C. Load balanced hypervisor cluster
D. Noneoftheabove.
Answer: A


A. secondary physical connection, Synchronized Operating State C B. primary physical connection, Zero Downtime
B. secondary physical connection, Redundant Physical Connection for Virtual Servers
C. virtual switch uplink port, Service Load Balancing
Answer: C
The benefits of the cloud architecture that is established by applying the Cloud Balancing compound pattern include: (Choose Three)
A. improved IT resource performance
B. improved IT resource availability
C. improved IT resource failover (across clouds)
D. improved IT resource discovery (across clouds)
Answer: A,B,C
The _______________ pattern is applied to centralize the storage of _______________ data, in order to maintain network connectively whenever virtual servers are being moved between host physical servers.
A. Redundant Physical Connection for Virtual Servers, physical network connectivity
B. Persistent Virtual Network Configuration, virtual network configuration
C. Redundant Physical Connection for Virtual Servers, redundant
D. Persistent Virtual Network Configuration, normalized
Answer: B
The application of the Elastic Resource Capacity pattern results in a system that can dynamically allocate and reclaim __________________ and __________________ for virtual servers, in response to fluctuating processing requirements.
A. RAM memory, CPUs
B. storage capacity, LUN5
C. virtual switches, uplinks
D. load balanced IT resources, clustered IT resources
Answer: A
The system established by the application of the Elastic Network Capacity pattern uses the automated scaling listener mechanism and _______________ to detect traffic increases that have exceeded the bandwidth threshold.
A. the failover system mechanism
B. intelligent automation engine scripts
C. the resource replication mechanism
D. the usage and administration portal
Answer: B
The system that is established by the application of the Dynamic Failure Detection and Recovery pattern can address which of the following issues: (Choose Three)
A. cloud-based bare-metal physical servers need to be provisioned with operating systems
B. cloud-based IT resources encountering runtime failure conditions require intervention
C. the manual process to solve cloud-based IT resource failure is too slow
D. the manual recovery of IT resources leads to additional failures
Answer: B,C,D QUESTION NO: 13

The data de-duplication system checks each block of data to determine whether it is _____________with a block that has already been received. The ______________ blocks are replaced with pointers to their equivalent blocks that are already in storage.
A. combined,combined
B. scaled, scaled
C. redundant,redundant
D. load balanced, load balanced
Answer: C
The cloud architecture that results from the application of the __________________ pattern relies on the _____________mechanism to synchronize cloud storage devices.
A. Synchronized Operating State. resource cluster
B. Redundant Storage, resource replication
C. Zero Downtime, hypervisor
D. Service Load Balancing, failover system
Answer: B
The _____________pattern is applied to dynamically allocate and reclaim physical uplinks, whenever _____________become bottlenecks.
A. Elastic Resource Capacity, virtual firewalls
B. Elastic Disk Provisioning, failed network ports
C. Elastic Resource Capacity, network cards
D. Elastic Network Capacity, virtual switches

In a cloud architecture resulting from the application of the Cloud Bursting compound pattern, the _________________ mechanism is used to maintain synchronizing between a cloud consumer’s on-premise and cloud-based IT resources.
A. hypervisor
B. resource pooling
C. automated scaling listener
D. resource replication
Answer: D
The Automated Administration pattern can be applied together with the Elastic Resource Capacity pattern, so that a hypervisor can be initiated by _____________to allocate more resources for a virtual server.
A. a watchdog monitor
B. a pay-per-use monitor
C. an intelligent automation engine script
D. an automatic scaling listener
Answer: C

The Intra-Storage Device Vertical Tiering pattern is applied to resolve issues caused by:
A. Multiple cloud storage devices that need to vertically scale at the same time
B. Cloud consumers that are limited to using one cloud storage device to store multiple applications and services
C. Different disktypesacross redundant cloud storage devices that use different storage methods
D. Cloud consumers that have cloud storage devices in different geographical regions that need to be combined
Answer: B
The system resulting from the application of the Direct LUN Access pattern allows virtual servers to see LUN5 as directly accessible file-based storage.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B
The cloud architecture that is established by the application of the Storage Workload Management pattern can rely on the storage capacity monitor to: (Choose Two)
A. notify the storage capacity system whenever a cloud storage device is being over-utilized
B. migrate LUN5 to different cloud storage devices
C. detect when the workload of a cloud storage device has reached a pre-defined threshold
D. act as an external interlace to a cloud storage service
Answer: A,C

The application of the _____________pattern results in a dynamic vertical scaling system that uses the _____________program to move LUNs to cloud storage devices of higher capacity.
A. Cross-Storage Device Vertical Tiering, LUN migration
B. Intra-Storage Device Vertical Tiering, storage replication

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