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Which port needs to be opened for Alert Channel communication between Sensor and Manager through a firewall?
A. 8501
B. 8502
C. 8503
D. 8555

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 2
Setting a threshold to allow an IPS to react when traffic volume exceeds the set limit is an example of what type of detection method?
A. Signature based
B. Pattern matching
C. Denial of Service
D. Remediation

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 3
Performance debugging mode can be enabled on a sensor for a specified time duration by issuing which of the following CLI commands?
A. sensor perf-debug 100
B. sensor perf-debug on 100
C. sensor perf-debug Interface all 100
D. sensor perf-debug assert 100

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 4
What type of encryption is used for file transfers between the Sensor and the Manager?
A. SSL with RC4
B. SSL with MD5
C. SSL with RC4 and MD5
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 5
When placed in Layer3 mode, a Sensor detects a Layer2 device based on which of the following?
A. MAC address
B. IP address
D. Subnet

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 6
What is the CLI command that enables the output of the MAC/IP address mapping table to the sensor debug files?
A. arp spoof status
B. arp spoof enable
C. arp dump
D. arp flush

Correct Answer: C
DoS detection is implemented in which of the following modes? (Choose two)
A. Learning mode
B. Configuration mode
C. Threshold mode
D. Bidirectional mode
E. Inbound mode

Correct Answer: AC
Which port needs to be opened for Packet Log Channel communication between Sensor and Manager through a firewall?
A. 8501
B. 8502
C. 8503
D. 8555

Correct Answer: C
Which port is correctly defined for the Alert Channel on the Network Security Manager?
A. 8500
B. 8501
C. 8502
D. 8504

Correct Answer: C
In double VLAN tagging, a second VLAN tag that is inserted into the frame is referred to as which of the following?
A. Customer Identification tag (CD)
B. VLAN Identification tag (VID)
C. Outer Identification tag (OID)
D. Inner Identification tag (HD)
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following information is unique to Host Intrusion Prevention alerts? (Choose three)
A. Destination IP
B. User
C. Source IP
D. Agent IP
E. Agent name

Correct Answer: BDE QUESTION 12
Which mode is used when certain hosts are located on the same network as a sensor and other hosts enter through a router or VPN?
A. Mixed
B. Hybrid
C. Enforcement
D. Prevention

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 13
Which mode needs to be set to redirect an unmanaged system to the guest portal?
A. Audit
B. Simulation
C. Enforcement
D. Prevention

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 14
Which attack cannot be blocked when the sensor has been set for in-line mode?
A. TCP Control Anomaly
B. ICMP Echo Anomaly
C. Too Many Inbound Syn
D. SCADA Attacks

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 15
Which database is supported for Network Security Manager?
B. Oracle
D. Sybase

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 16
Which of the following is the correct extension for a Sensor image imported into the Manager?
A. ext
B. .opt
C. jar
D. .mfe

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 17
Which CLI command is used to copy sensor SSL certificates from external flash when replacing a failed sensor?
A. Exportsensorcerts
B. Importsensorcerts
C. Exportcerts
D. Importcerts

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 18
Which of the following deployment modes is not included in standard NAC?
A. System Health based NAC
B. DHCP based NAC
C. L2 based NAC
D. L3 based NAC

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 19
The Network Security Manager provides the following built-in Network Access Zones. (Choose three)
A. Allow DNS Access
B. Allow Full Access
C. Public Network Only
D. Allow DHCP Access
E. Allow Intranet Access

Correct Answer: ABC QUESTION 20
A sensor will redirect the host to which of the following when McAfee NAC reports the Host status as “unmanaged with an Unknown Health Level”?
A. Guest Client Portal
B. NAC Client Portal
C. Sensor Client Portal
D. DNS Server Portal

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 21
If the Health level of a Host cannot be determined. McAfee NAC assigns which of the following System Health levels to that Host?
A. Fair
B. Poor
C. Serious
D. Unknown

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 22
Reconnaissance Policies can be applied to which of the following sensor nodes?
A. Sensor name node only
B. Sensor interface node only
C. Sensor sub-interface node only
D. Sensor name, interface and sub-interface node

Correct Answer: A
Which command is used to manually download signature tiles from the tftpserver when connectivity to the Manager is not available?
A. Loadimage WORD
B. Loadconfig WORD
C. Loadconfiguration WORD
D. Loadsigset WORD

Correct Answer: C
When the buffer on the alert cache has been filled, what happens to current incoming alerts?
A. Incoming alerts are added to the cache and the oldest alerts are dropped
B. Incoming alerts are not added to the cache and are dropped
C. Incoming alerts are held in queue until cache space is cleared
D. Incoming alerts are added to the database directly

Correct Answer: A
Which policy is assigned to a child domain by default?
A. The default IDS policy
B. The default IPS policy
C. No default policy
D. The policy of the parent domain

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following modes can be used to implement DoS detection? (Choose two)
A. Learning Mode
B. Threshold Mode
C. Configuration Mode
D. Adaptive Mode
E. Transition Mode
Correct Answer: AB
Which of the following methods are available for upgrading a Sensor image?
A. TFTP and/or through the Manager
B. PUTTY and/or through the Manager
C. Console connection and/or through the Manager
D. TFTP, console connection and/or through the Manager
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 28
Which of the following deployment modes receives a copy of the packet from a mirrored switch port?
A. Redundant
D. In-line

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following are the different operational modes of System Health based NAC? (Choose three)
A. Audit
B. Simulation
C. Enforcement
D. Prevention
E. Quarantine

Correct Answer: ABC
Which of the following are considered part of the Operational mode of System Health-based NAC? (Choose three)
A. Audit
D. Simulation
E. Enforcement

Correct Answer: ADE
Policies can be configured to drop packets when which of the following has been defined?
A. The policy has been enabled
B. The underlying rule set permits dropped packets
C. The sensor is deployed in Inline mode
D. The policy has been cloned

Correct Answer: C
Setting a threshold on a sensor to react if traffic volume exceeds the threshold limit is an example of what specific detection method?
A. Signature based
B. DHCP based
C. Pattern matching
D. Denial of Service (DoS)
Correct Answer: D

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