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Exam Code: 1Y0-250
Exam Name: Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10 for App and Desktop Solutions
Updated: Sep 12, 2017
Q&As: 65

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1Y0-250 dumps

A company uses various pre-approved user devices in the environment, including mobile devices
running iOS and Android operating systems.
Which two types of policies could an administrator use on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server to
allow access to these mobile devices? (Choose two.)
A. Rewrite policies, including endpoint analysis scans
B. Session policies, excluding the endpoint analysis scans
C. Authorization policies, including the endpoint analysis scans
D. Pre-authentication policies, excluding the endpoint analysis scans
1Y0-250 exam Answer: B,D
An administrator plans to configure a NetScaler Gateway virtual server to be able to provide
SmartAccess, endpoint analysis and network layer tunneling features.
Which client option should the administrator use for this scenario?
A. Offline plug-in
B. Online plug-in
C. Citrix Receiver
D. Access Gateway plug-in
Answer: D
An administrator is planning a NetScaler Gateway implementation and must ensure that users are
only allowed to access the company resources 1Y0-250 dumps if a specific file is present on the endpoint device
they connect from.
Which component should the administrator include within the plan?

A. An SSL Offload virtual server
B. A double-hop NetScaler Gateway virtual server
C. A Basic mode NetScaler Gateway virtual server
D. A SmartAccess mode NetScaler Gateway virtual server
 Answer: D
Which information is required to license a NetScaler VPX 1000?
B. MAC address
C. NetScaler host name
D. Citrix License Server host name
Answer: B
An administrator created a service for a Web Interface server that is encrypted by an SSL
Which command should the administrator run at the command-line interface to create a monitor
that will check the Web Interface by logging on to it with a test user’s credentials?
A. add lb monitor mon-WebInterface CITRIX-WI-EXTENDED -sitePath “/Citrix/XenApp” –
userName user -domain DomainName -password [email protected] -encrypted
B. add lb monitor mon-WebInterface CITRIX-WI-EXTENDED -sitePath “/Citrix/XenApp” –
userName user -domain DomainName -password [email protected] -secure YES
C. add lb monitor mon-WebInterface CITRIX-WI-EXTENDED -sitePath “/Citrix/XenApp” –
userName user -domain DomainName -password [email protected] -destPort 443
D. add lb monitor mon-WebInterface CITRIX-WI-EXTENDED -sitePath “/Citrix/XenApp” –
userName user -domain DomainName -password [email protected] -encrypted -secure YES
1y0-250 study guide Answer: B
Scenario: An administrator configured a NetScaler Gateway session policy named spol_ICAP. The
administrator needs to bind the policy to ensure that it is evaluated only when users of the ICAP
security group log on to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server named vsrv_AGEE.
Which command should the administrator run at the command-line interface to meet the needs of
the scenario?
A. bind vpn vserver vsrv_AGEE ICAP
B. bind aaa group ICAP -policy spol_ICAP
C. bind aaa group ICAP -policy spol_ICAP -global OFF
D. bind vpn vserver vsrv_AGEE -policy spol_ICAP -priority 1
Answer: B
An administrator plans to use only Citrix Receiver for XenDesktop remote access through a
NetScaler Gateway device.
Which type of policy should the administrator configure to meet this requirement?
A. Session
B. Authentication
C. Clientless access
D. Pre-authentication
1y0-250 dumps Answer: A
Which configuration option should an administrator select to pass users’ credentials to a file share
in a NetScaler Gateway environment?

A. Local LAN-Access
B. Single sign-on to a domain
C. Single sign-on with Windows
D. Single sign-on to Web applications
Answer: C
Scenario: An administrator has an existing SSL certificate that is installed and used on a Microsoft
Windows IIS server. The administrator exported the certificate, including the private key, to a PFX
file and now wants to use that certificate for SSL Offloading on NetScaler.
Which two methods could the administrator use to import the certificate on NetScaler? (Choose
A. Import PKCS#12.
B. Change advanced SSL settings.
C. Use the Server Certificate Wizard.
D. Convert the certificate to PEM format.
1y0-250 vce Answer: A,D
An administrator needs to install a certificate from the NetScaler onto a Microsoft Windows IIS
Which action should the administrator complete before the certificate can be imported on the IIS
A. Select Export PKCS#12 and copy the file to Windows.
B. Copy the certificate file from /nsconfig/ssl to Windows.
C. Copy the certificate file and the key file from /nsconfig/ssl to Windows.
D. Manage Certificates / Keys / CSRs and download the certificate file to Windows.
Answer: A
Scenario: For auditing requirements, NetScaler administrators are required to use their Active
Directory accounts to log on to NetScaler. All NetScaler administrators belong to the NSAdmins
Active Directory group.
Which configuration must an administrator create in NetScaler to meet the requirements of the
A. User accounts
B. NSAdmins group
C. Authorization policy
D. Service Groups policy
1y0-250 study guide Answer: B
Scenario: An administrator is implementing a two-factor authentication solution with an RSA
SecureID product. The administrator already has the server name and port number of the RSA
Which additional information does the administrator need to configure RSA SecureID?
A. LDAP password
B. Firewall access rule
C. Authentication policy
D. RADIUS shared secret
Answer: D
Scenario: An administrator is creating a NetScaler Gateway virtual server for mobile devices only.
The administrator must include two-factor authentication.

Which two steps must the administrator take to configure two-factor authentication for this
environment? (Choose two.)
A. Bind the RSA policy first.
B. Bind the LDAP policy first.
C. Create an authentication policy.
D. Create a pre-authentication policy.
1y0-250 dumps Answer: A,C
Scenario: An administrator implemented RADIUS with NetScaler Gateway as a two-factor
authentication solution for a XenDesktop implementation. A planned outage is scheduled in wake
of a software upgrade on the RADIUS infrastructure. During the outage, the administrator needs to
disable the two-factor authentication on NetScaler Gateway to enable users’ continued access to
published applications.
Which action could the administrator take to meet the needs of the scenario without affecting the
connected users?
A. Delete the RADIUS authentication policy.
B. Set the RADIUS policy to be secondary authentication.
C. Disable authentication on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.
D. Unbind the RADIUS authentication policy from the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.
Answer: D
In which format should an administrator save the AppExpert Template files in order to import and
upload to the NetScaler?
1Y0-250 vce Answer: A

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