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Exam Code: 1Y0-301
Exam Name: Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions
Q&As: 112

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1Y0-301 dumps

Which of the following defenses is legitimate for a U.S. firm operating in other countries for violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act?
A. Treaty rights
B. Compulsory by foreign law
C. Is a non-extraterritorial law
D. Sovereignty immunity
1Y0-301 exam Answer: B
Which of the following is an intangible benefit of an international assignment?
A. Faster cross-border project completion times
B. Development of technical skills by local workers
C. Increased alignment of host country goals with overall company goals and objectives
D. Increased process efficiency
Answer: C
The success of an internal business process is evaluated by the extent to which that process meets the objectives of its function. Which of the following best describes this measurement of success?A. Management by objective
B. Effectiveness
C. Balanced screcard
D. Efficiency
1Y0-301 dumps Answer: B
You are in the process of evaluating the current global compensation structure, which is based on headquarters biases. One of the remote offices has a very unique culture, Because their culture is diffuse often combining family, life, and work together, is universalistic, and focuses on the collective group. On the other hand, the other locations, including headquarters, have a culture that is particularistic, individualistic, and specifically divides work and family. Which of the following aaspects of the current structure might be affecting the unique location by the lack of adaptation to local pressurea?
A. Defined goals are clear, relevant, and ensure line of sight
B. Company has adopted an aggressive sales commission plan for each salesperson
C. Company has adopted a gainsharing plan
D. Every employment offer is deltailed in writing
Answer: B
A company is a four-year old start-up running on venture capital investment. Its initial assumption of a $2 billion market for its product has ahrunk to a $50 million market. Which of the following stategies is NOT a stategy that would be deliberated during the strategy development phase of the strategic planning process?
A. Plan to expand the capability of the R&D team to add value addea skill and knowledge to the company
B. Decide to move into a new market place
C. Evaluate potential merger and acquisition candidates to expand product mix and create a healtheir income stream
D. Reduce the number of different versions of the product into three main product lines
1Y0-301 pdf Answer: A Explanation:
Which of the following stages of the International Assignment Process model is the most critical in determining the success of an international assignment?
A. Pre-departure preparation
B. Assessment and selection
C. On assignment
D. Completing the assignment
Answer: B
You are responsible for hiring an entry-level engineer position in Bangalore, India. Which of the following recruitment sources is the least likely to be used?
A. Contingency-basis employment agencies
B. Recruiting at colleges? vocational schools
C. Employee referral program
D. Post jobs online on corporate website
1Y0-301 vce Answer: A
Which of the following takes into account the effects of inflation when analyzing data from a pulished survey?
A. Aging
B. Measuring central tendency
C. Utilizing frequency distributions
D. Leveling
Answer: A
Explanation:QUESTION NO: 80
Which of the following is NOT a variable that differs between replacement planning and succession planning?
A. Identified skill requirements
B. Tools utilized
C. Information flow
D. Outlook into future (in terms of time)
1Y0-301 exam Answer: B
Which of the following is the mostimportant step when outsourcing the sert up of a new HRIS (human resource information system)?
A. Select the best HRIS system with extensive capabilities
B. Prepare a detailed request for proposal (RFP)defininf desired specifications
C. Analyze the organization’s needs for building a HRIS system
D. Develop a complaint procedure for all work disputes
Answer: C
Which of the following decribes an employee’s motivational potential, according to the job characteristics mode?
A. Ability to implement, responses, feedback
B. Motivation factors and incentives
C. Skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomu, feedback
D. job analysis, task significance
1Y0-301 dumps Answer: C
A company decides to pursue an international assogment program to fill a new position in is newoffice in Beijing, China. With the assistance of the human professional, the management team has finalized a list of job-specific selection crieria of the ideal candidate for the role. During the interviewing process, the key selection tool utilized was role-playing. Role-playing was done entirely in Mandarin bases around common business and family situations an expatriate may face. In addition , role-playing was utilized to show how the candidate had successfully protrayedidentified success factors in past behavior. Which of the following selection methods was NOT utilized in this scenario?
A. Work sample
B. Situational assessments
C. Self-assessment
D. Interview
Answer: A
Which of the following leadership theories believes that leadership styles should correspond to the
maturity of the employees?
A. Contingency theories
B. Situational theories
C. Behavioral theories
D. Trait theories
1Y0-301 pdf Answer: B
A .U. S. based Engineering Manager was sent to England for a short-term six-month assignment
to recruit and build a team. He is almost dome with the assignmrnt and describes the entire
opportunity as being exciting and challenging. He wants to stay in Europe further and hopes to go
on future international assignments. According to Black and Mendenhall, which of the following
stages of the cross-cultural adjustment cycle is the manager in?
A. Culture shock
B. Mastery
C. Adjustment
D. HoneymoonAnswer: D

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