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Welcome to the FCBA – FCBA:

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Business analysis bridges the gap between which two disciplines?
A. Business Case Definition and Requirements Analysis.
B. IT Systems Analysis and Acceptance Testing.
C. Requirements Analysis and IT Systems Development.
D. Strategic Analysis and IT Systems Analysis.
Correct Answer: B

Who is the target of the value proposition?
A. The5upplier,
B. The 5ponsor.
C. The Customer.
D. The Competitor.
Correct Answer: C

Business Analysis competencies are divided into three groups. Which of the following are the groups of competencies
for a Business Analyst?
IT skills.
Behavioural skills and personal qualities.
Project Management Support. e. Business Knowledge.
b, c and e.
B. a, b and e.
b, c and d.
a, d and e.
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is a primary activity in the value chain?
A. Procurement.
B. Firm infrastructure.
C. Service.
D. Technology development.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following stages is immediately after problem-finding in Isaksen and Treffinger\’s creative problem-solving
A. Idea-finding.
B. Solution-finding.
C. Data-finding.
D. Acceptance-finding.
Correct Answer: A

What is the first stage of the waterfall systems development lifecycle?
A. Plan.
B. Analysis.
C. Feasibility Study.
D. Strategic Vision.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following statements about outsourcing of systems development is correct?
A. It has meant that it is no longer necessary for analysts to define rigorous, accurate and complete user requirements.
B. It has eliminated the need for effective contract management between the customer and the supplier of the
C. It has been a significant catalyst in organisations for the development of a business analysis function.
D. It has meant that the programming of solutions is usually undertaken in countries where labour costs are high.
Correct Answer: C

The Business Activity Model shows the doing activities\’ of a business system. Which element of CATWOE do these
activities relate to?
A. Transformation.
B. Actors.
C. Environment.
D. Owner.
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following techniques can be used to pull together the results of an analysis of the external and internal
business environment of an organisation?
A. SWOT analysis.
B. Resource audit.
C. Five-forces model.
D. Balanced business scorecard.
Correct Answer: A

It is claimed that a new system will bring improved job satisfaction to employees. How should this improved job
satisfaction be classified?
A. As a tangible benefit.
B. As an intangible cost.
C. As a tangible cost.
D. As an intangible benefit.
Correct Answer: D

On a class diagram, what do the multiplicities represent?
A. The number of attributes held within each class.
B. The minimum and maximum number of operations in each class.
C. The minimum and maximum number of objects in each class.
D. The business rules for an association between two classes.
Correct Answer: D

When is the self-esteem of individuals affected by a change process usually at its lowest?
A. At the end of the change process.
B. At the start of the change process.
C. At all points during the change process.
D. In the middle phase of the change process.
Correct Answer: D

A project reporting system stores information about Employees. How would an Employee be represented in an entity-
relationship diagram?
A. As an Actor.
B. As an Attribute.
C. As an Entity.
D. As a Relationship.
Correct Answer: C

Style guides, manuals and job descriptions are examples of what type of knowledge?
A. Explicit.
B. Implicit.
C. Tacit.
D. Organisational.
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following statements about change and change management is correct?
A. Change management should be considered right from the start of the project.
B. Change management should first be considered in the design stage of the project.
C. The management of change is the sole responsibility of the project manager.
D. Social and cultural factors have little influence on the success of implementing changes.
Correct Answer: A

A system holds information about an employee; Mike Berry. Which of the following is Mike Berry an example of?
A. An attribute.
B. An object.
C. A class.
D. An operation.
Correct Answer: B

When analysing stakeholders, it is useful to produce a stakeholder analysis grid. What is depicted on the axes of this
A. Objectives and interests.
B. Power and influence.
C. Perspectives and impacts.
D. Power and interest.
Correct Answer: D

The following requirement has been identified; The system must be able to record customer payments\’. What type of
requirement is this?
A. A functional requirement.
B. A non-functional requirement.
C. A general requirement.
D. A technical requirement.
Correct Answer: A

An analyst has asked a user to describe each step in a task as they perform it. Which of the following investigation
techniques is the analyst using?
A. Ethnographic study.
B. Interviewing.
C. Activity sampling.
D. Protocol analysts.
Correct Answer: D

The V model is an example of which of the following?
A. A business analysis process model.
B. A systems development lifecycle.
C. A concerns-based adoption model.
D. A soft systems methodology.
Correct Answer: B

Cars, trucks and motorbikes are all types of vehicle. What structure could be used on a class model to model this?
A. Generalisation
B. Association class
C. Exclusivity relationship
D. The andlt;andlt;includeandgt;andgt; construct
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following investigation techniques is MOST appropriate for collecting quantitative information?
A. Workshops.
B. Activity sampling.
C. Interviewing.
D. Prototyping.
Correct Answer: B

An analyst has discovered that a company wishes to hold information about departments and employees. A department
may have many employees in it, but each employee can, at any one time, only work in one department. There is no
requirement to store historical information. However, there are currently eight departments and over one hundred
employees. How would this relationship be shown on an Entity Relationship diagram?
A. As (8..100) at the Department end of the relationship.
B. As a many-to-many between Department and Employee.
C. As a one-to-one between Department and Employee.
D. As a one-to-many between Department and Employee.
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following actions could sustain business change?
A. Develop the coaching skills of selected staff members.
B. Establish clear benefits for selected, powerful stakeholders.
C. Retain the previous system and its associated processes.
D. Ensure that improved staff performance is not rewarded.
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following types of activity help identify the KPI\’s of an organisation?
A. The doing activities.
B. The monitoring activities.
C. The control activities.
D. The planning activities.
Correct Answer: D

The Boston Box may be used to analyse the portfolio of businesses owned by an organisation. Which of the following
animals does it use in its term for businesses that have low market share in a market with low growth?
A. Cow.
B. Cat.
C. Dog.
D. Goat.
Correct Answer: C

Given the cashflows below, which of the following is correct?
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