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How can currency conversion be verified after running a consolidation?
A. Check the log report that appears after consolidation is run.
B. Execute the calculation report created for currency conversion.
C. Run the Currency Conversion report for the group company.
D. Run the journals across report for the group after consolidation.
Answer: C
A multi-page Excel Link report contains several Controller functions on every worksheet. In order to improve performance when running the report, how should the functions be organized in the report?
A. Name the worksheets in alphabetical order and insert all functions on the last Excel worksheet.
B. Name the worksheets in alphabetical order and insert all functions on the first Excel worksheet
C. Functions should be split evenly between worksheets, and hidden in system columns A. B, and
D. Functions should be split evenly between worksheets. and hidden in system rows 1 to 27.
Answer: B
The administrator activated the Set Status for Submission to Ready After Reconciliation and the Use Period Locking on Company Level. What is the effect?
A. Submissions and reconciliations are locked and company status is set to ready
B. Company status is set to ready and submissions and reconciliations are started
C. Company status is set to ready and submissions are locked if reconciliations cleared
D. Submission is allowed only once per company when status is set to ready

Answer: C
Why is the offset account for certain investment elimination control tables the same?
A. So that investment and intercompany eliminations are able to perform the same calculations
B. So that automatic journals make a zero sum in the offset account in the consolidated group
C. So that currency conversion is easily performed and reconciled in the consolidated group
D. So that when the administrator copies opening balances to another period, the administrator can reconcile and differences
Answer: B
End users need to enter data related to intercompany transactions into the Controller system. What must the administrator set up to enable users to enter this data?
A. Accounts with defined intercompany codes and transaction currencies
B. Counter company information and extended dimensions
C. Accounts with defined intercompany codes and include the accounts on a form
D. Counter company information and transaction currencies
Answer: C
When importing external data files using import specification, which of the following are compulsory fields in the upload file?
A. Period, Consolidation Type. Company, Submission, Account, Amount
B. Period, Actuality, Company, Currency, Account, Amount
C. Period, Actuality,Company,Consolidation Type, Account, Amount
D. Period,Submission, Company,Currency,Account, Amount
An administrator is creating a standard data entry form for end users. On which tab must the administrator specify the type of information that will be shown on the rows and columns of the form?

A. Axes tab
B. Reorder tab
C. Process Layouts tab
D. Lock tab
Answer: A
Which of the following tools could be used to load data into the Controller staging tables?
A. IBM Controller Import Specification wizard
B. IBM Cognos Data Manager
C. IBM Cognos Configuration
D. IBM Cognos Controller Excel Link
Answer: B

The administrator has generated a group adjustment company (GAC). Which of the following actions will a user be able to perform with the GAC?
A. Eliminate investments using automatic journals
B. Enter reported value adjustments using a data entry form
C. Enter data into group journals
D. Create company journals
Answer: C
Why would a Controller administrator create a form set?
A. To enable end users to enter data for a particular extended dimension
B. To enable end users to enter data for a particular account
C. To enable end users to enter data for a particular submission
D. To enable end users to enter data for a particular company
Answer: C
In how many submissions can a form be included for the same actuality and period?

A. 6
B. 1
C. 10
D. no limitation
Answer: B

The administrator notices that each party to an intercompany transaction uses a different cost center in the same transaction. What does the administrator need to include to match cost centers?
A. Calculation Account
B. Conversion Method
C. Counter Dimension
D. Reversing Journal
Answer: C
An administrator wants to enhance data analysis by adding extended dimensions to the Controller application (for example, to represent the products that the company sells). What is the maximum number of levels for extended dimensions that the administrator can add to the system?

A. 5
B. 4
C. 6
D. 3
Answer: C
After the administrator identifies and activates the automatic journals that will be used, what is the next step in enabling automatic journal entries?
A. Set up a closing version.
B. Setup intercompany accounts.
C. Set up a control table
D. Set up summation accounts.
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