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Cisco CCNP 300-420 Exam Questions Practice Test

What is a benefit of using VRRPv3 as compared to VRRPv2?
A. VRRPv3 supports IPv4 and IPv6
B. VRRPv3 supports authentication
C. VRRPv3 supports preemption
D. VRRPv3 supports stateful switchover
Correct Answer: A

When a network is designed using IS-IS protocol, which two circuit types are supported? (Choose two.)
A. nonbroadcast multiaccess
B. multiaccess
C. point-to-multipoint
D. nonbroadcast
E. point-to-point
Correct Answer: BE

Which two steps can be taken to improve convergence in an OSPF network? (Choose two.)
A. Use Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
B. Merge all the areas into one backbone area
C. Tune OSPF parameters
D. Make all non-backbone areas stub areas
E. Span the same IP network across multiple areas.
Correct Answer: CD

Which routes does the overlay management protocol advertise in an SD-WAN overlay?
A. underlay, MPLS, and overlay
B. primary, backup, and load-balanced
C. prefix, TLOC, and service
D. Internet, MPLS, and backup
Correct Answer: C

An enterprise customer has these requirements:
end-to-end QoS for the business-critical applications and VoIP services based on CoS marking.
flexibility to offer services such as IPv6 and multicast without any reliance on the service provider.
support for full-mesh connectivity at Layer 2. Which WAN connectivity option meets these requirements?
Correct Answer: D

Which common issue causes intermittent DMVPN tunnel flaps?
A. a routing neighbor reachability issue
B. a suboptimal routing table
C. interface bandwidth congestion
D. that the GRE tunnel to hub router is not encrypted
Correct Answer: A

A network solution is being designed for a company that connects to multiple Internet service providers. Which Cisco
proprietary BGP path attribute will influence outbound traffic flow?
A. Local Preference
C. Weight
D. AS Path
E. Community
Correct Answer: C

Which design consideration should be observed when EIGRP is configured on Data Center switches?
A. Perform manual summarization on all Layer 3 interfaces to minimize the size of the routing table.
B. Prevent unnecessary EIGRP neighborships from forming across switch virtual interfaces.
C. Lower EIGRP hello and hold timers to their minimum settings to ensure rapid route reconvergence.
D. Configure multiple EIGRP autonomous systems to segment Data Center services and applications.
Correct Answer: A

A customer is discussing QoS requirements with a network consultant. The customer has specified that endto- end path
verification is a requirement. Which QoS solution meets this requirement?
A. IntServ model with RSVP to support the traffic flows
B. DiffServ model with PHB to support the traffic flows
C. marking traffic at the access layer with DSCP to support the traffic flows
D. marking traffic at the access layer with CoS to support the traffic flows
Correct Answer: A

What is an advantage of designing an out-of-band network management solution?
A. In the event of a production network outage, network devices can still be managed.
B. There is no separation between the production network and the management network.
C. In the event of a production network outage, it can be used as a backup network path.
D. It is less expensive than an in-band management solution
Correct Answer: A

Which feature is required for graceful restart to recover from a processor failure?
A. Cisco Express Forwarding
B. Virtual Switch System
C. Stateful Switchover
D. Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
Correct Answer: A

Which two BGP features will result in successful route exchanges between eBGP neighbors sharing the same AS
number? (Choose two.)
A. advertise-best-external
B. bestpath as-path ignore
C. client-to-client reflection
D. as-override
E. allow-as-in
Correct Answer: DE

A customer with an IPv4 only network topology wants to enable IPv6 connectivity while preserving the IPv4 topology
services. The customer plans to migrate IPv4 services to the IPv6 topology, then decommission the IPv4 topology.
Which topology supports these requirements?
A. dual stack
C. 6to4
D. NAT64
Correct Answer: A

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