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It is important for computer IT professionals to pass the Microsoft certification exam. As the information Technology (IT) industry continues to rise and compete, one of the most effective ways to improve your professional qualifications is to obtain IT certification from major computer companies such as Cisco, Microsoft and CompTIA. Just investing your precious time to get one or more certifications will make you stand out in your career, and your potential employer also recognizes that your knowledgeable knowledge and certification skills are 100% guaranteed to make their company more competitive in your job. IT certification is provided by different leading computer companies. Most of them provide more than one voucher, especially systems engineering, system management and computer security. Microsoft offers three key-level certifications: Microsoft Technical Assistant (MTA), Microsoft Technology Solutions Assistant (MCSA), and Microsoft Technology Solutions Specialist (MCSE).

What is MCSE
MCSE (full name Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Microsoft Certified Solution Expert) is the most important and well-known it certificate in the Microsoft Attestation System, the role of the entire IT industry MCSE attestation is more and more important, can provide the enterprise with creativity, security, Availability and Low-cost infrastructure solutions. An MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) are someone who has passed exams about the Microsoft Windows ntoperating sys TEM, related desktop systems, networking, and Microsoft’s BackOffice server products.

But now the MCSE is no longer the previous Microsoft certification System engineer MCSE (full name Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), but further extended to “Microsoft Certified Solution experts.” In 2012, the Microsoft Certification examination system was fully upgraded. The key to the change in Microsoft’s certificate system is not the name of the certificate, the emphasis is no longer an examination of a certificate, but back to the original need to pass a number of examinations in order to get the corresponding certificate, in addition to learn from other IT certification system advantages, to increase the certification test mechanism to ensure that technology and knowledge with the times. This will make it easier for the industry to understand the ability and value of the candidates more clearly.

MCSE certification is intended for IT Professional who need to validate their skills and knowledge necessary for designing, deploying and managing a Windows Server 2012 desktop infrastructure including the application environment, application virtualization, security, business continuity and remote desktop services necessary. Candidate’s should have experience with previous Windows Server Operating systems and have their Windows 2012 Server certification (MCSA) or equivalent skills.

Update on this: Microsoft has brought in new professional MCSE. Certification Requirements pass the five exam and are available in eight areas of expertise: Desktop infrastructure, server infrastructure, SharePoint, business intelligence, communications, private cloud, data platform, and messaging. Certification requires passing scores on five exams and are available in eight specialty areas:desktop, infrastructure Ver infrastructure, SharePoint, business intelligence, communication, private cloud, data platform and messaging.


Although there is no time limit for preparing these exams, it is usually not possible to complete them in a short period of time. The preparation of all five MCSE certification exams may take months or even years, depending on individual learning speed and professional experience. For example, an individual who has completed a 4-year degree course in the fields of computer science, information technology or networking and who has gained years of on-the-job experience may find that he or she does not need to spend too much time learning as a person with limited training. Typically, Microsoft recommends that individuals have at least two years of experience configuring, installing, designing, and troubleshooting networks, operating systems, and servers before attempting to take the certification exams.

Regardless of your motivation for MCSE certification, there is a problem that remains unchanged: can you pass your exams by studying for yourself or if you need to receive professional training? Countless IT pros are having this problem when they’re preparing for Microsoft MCSE exams. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. What’s right for you? Some people can read through a learning guide. Others need more time, read and reread learning guides, consult online brain dumps and use practice tests. Then some people learn better through professional training and classroom teaching. Ultimately, everyone has to make a decision based on their personal preferences and their learning style. If you are unsure which preparation method is best for you, consider the following questions.


How much time do you have?
If it is Monday and you are testing in Friday, you may not have time to schedule a training course and should consider rearranging your tests. Also, please consider the quality of your real commitment to learning. If you have little free time, self-study may be a bad choice. MCSE exams take a few hours of study time, and if you don’t have the time, the training course can be invaluable. Most courses run 3-4 days a day, 8 hours a day. This 24-32-hour study is very helpful for those busy schedules.

How much money can you spend?
Let us face the reality, money is always an object. The cost of each MCSE examination is 115 dollars. The Learning Guide can run anywhere from 20 dollars to more than 100 dollars. The Practice test for a complete set of tests can be 100 to 2,000 dollars, and the training course is usually 1,000 to 2,000 dollars per course. If you can’t take out the training money, self-study is your only option.

The time required to complete the MCSE certification will depend on your past experience and preparation, so that you have the opportunity to develop this extremely important certification program. For example, if you lack basic knowledge about Windows or SWL servers, it may take a long time to complete the MCSE course. As far as I am concerned, the best way is to pass the relevant exam questions first. I chose the pass4itsure. This site provides the latest topics, real test simulation software and so on, so that I have more authentic experience test feeling. Then combine the exam simulation with pass4itsure MCSE2003 Messaging dumps to study together. If you don’t have brain dumps, you don’t know what they’re going to be asking questions. I strongly recommend that you do not only brain dumps, but also with pass4itsure test simulation software. Because then you only know the test problem and you don’t actually know the material. But the simulation software fills the gap. I believe that through virtual and online training, your study has no boundaries.

Learning Resources
Microsoft has provided a training course for classroom face-to-face and some subjects, including Microsoft Virtual College, Academy, which offers courses, but is basically related to the subject of the certification, no test video of specific words. I found a lot of specific word videos on pass4itusre YouTube channel. Of course I downloaded the pass4itsure free PDF to see the latest exam topics. If I have a lot of free time, I will choose to see the PDF file. If no time, such as drinking a cup of coffee tee in the afternoon,I can open YouTube directly to watch the video, it is also very convenient.

Textbook Materials
Pass4itsure provides a wealth of Microsoft certification materials, such as Microsoft’s Trainingkit series, Examref series, Trainingguide series, MOC series and so on. According to the catalogue to find the appropriate test questions and pass4itsure has a 15% discount activity recently. 15% discount on the price is very cost-effective.

Certification can improve the value of your resume and contribute to an exciting and well-paid it career. You can easily prepare for the Microsoft Global Certification exam with pass4itsure and build a rich it career. Develop real-world application skills by hands-on lab practice, learning in an intensive training environment.
Pass4itsure include:

  1. MCSA Windows 8
  2. Msca Server 2012
  3. MCSE Desktop Infrastructure
  4. MCSE Server infrastructure
  5. MCSE Private Cloud 6) MCSA SQL Server 2012

pass4itsure MCSE
MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Certification
The Cloud Platform Foundation certification qualifies you as a cloud administrator, cloud Architect, computer Support Professional, and information security analyst.
Pass an examination in the following selected subjects 70-532, 70-533, 70-534, 70-473, 70-475, 70-744, 70-413, 70-414, 70-246, 70-247

MCSE:Data Management and Analytics Certification
Get MCSE: Data management and Analysis certification qualifies you as a database analyst, Database Designer, and business intelligence analyst.
Pass an examination in the following selected subjects 70-473, 70-475, 70-464, 70-465, 70-466, 70-467

MCSE: Mobility Certification
Get MCSE: Mobile certification allows you to qualify as a desktop support technical expert and other positions.
Pass an examination in the following selected subjects 70-695, 70-696, 70-398

MCSE:Productivity Certification
Get MCSE: Productivity Certificate of the students can be engaged in network and computer system administrator and other functions.
Pass an examination in the following selected subjects 70-345, 70-339, 70-333, 70-334, 70-331, 70-332, 70-341, 70-342

MCSE Messaging Examination Sequence Examination
Pass an examination in the following selected subjects 70-342, 70-341, 70-412, 70-411, 70-411, 70-410

The above subjects are available in

Pass4itsure as far as possible in the shortest possible time to help candidates to complete the test accurately, and get the best results. Use the pass4itsure exam practice test to experience a Microsoft simulation actual test environment and allow you to focus on the various parts of the Microsoft exams. Take Microsoft MCSE 70-342 as an example:

Exam Number: 70-342
Certificate: MCSE2003 Messaging
Test time: 120 minutes
Test question quantity: 50-60 ways
Pass score: 700 points, total score 1000 points
Test language: English
Test types: Choice questions, drag graphics problems
Type of technology: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Career direction: Developer

You can choose from these list of exams from pass4itsure, or you can build it yourself from a random selection of questions in a test item. The 70-342 exams are designed for candidates, who are responsible for the Exchange messaging environment in the enterprise environment. Their senior management as a team administrator of the technology leadership. These candidates are the support of the recipient administrator and Exchange Server system administrator for communication between the third level. They should have a minimum of three years experience managing, deploying, managing, monitoring, upgrading, migrating and designing Exchange servers.

Pass4itsure offers a variety of MCSE 70-342 dumps and other Microsoft exam practice tests and other test preparation materials, which are combined in an interesting and relaxed manner for candidates to provide a real test environment for candidates.These products are built by pass4itsure it reviewers and You can realize the true professional examination function.
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