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A new user has implemented an SAP HANA data model.
Which technical user requires select rights on the new user\’s schema?
Correct Answer: A

You are building a calculation view and want to select data from an analytic view. How can you achieve better performance for this requirement?
A. Use CE functions
B. Use SQL statements
C. Use L programming
D. Use table indexing
Correct Answer: A

Which connection type is required from the SAP ERP system to SAP HANA to enable CO- PA side by side scenario?
A. HTTP connection
C. Secondary database connection
D. Remote Function Call
Correct Answer: C

You want to create a custom attribute in addition to your data model. How can you achieve this?
A. Create the attribute as a calculated attribute within the analytic view.
B. Create the attribute and add it to the appropriate system table manually.
C. Create the attribute as a calculated measure within the attribute view.
D. Create the attribute as a restricted attribute within the calculation view.
Correct Answer: A

In an analytic view, you need two different logical joins from the data foundation to an attribute view. The analytic view
already contains the attribute view but you have to use the attribute view again. To which of the following do you connect the second join?
A. To a shared attribute view
B. To a derived attribute view
C. To a new instance of the attribute view
D. To a copy of the attribute view
Correct Answer: BD

Which of the following steps is required for configuring SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)?
A. Define the number of background work processes in SLT.
B. Define an RFC connection from SLT to SAP HANA.
C. Define a DB connection from SLT to the source system.
D. Define the number of jobs to be used for data replication.
Correct Answer: D

How can you improve the quality of your information model design?
A. Use ?ase?or ?f?statements whenever possible.
B. Use row-based database expressions.
C. Design your views to be reusable.
D. Modularize your views.
E. Avoid duplications in your modeling.
Correct Answer: CDE

Which of the following can you use to implement currency conversion in an information model?
A. A calculated column in a calculation view
B. A restricted column in an analytic view
C. A calculated column in an analytic view
D. A calculated column in an attribute view
Correct Answer: AC

You discover row count discrepancies between source data and SAP HANA information models.
Which of the following can you investigate to find the source of the discrepancies?
A. Client filtering in the Delivery unit view.
B. Joins in information models.
C. Memory leaks.
D. Client filtering in SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT).
Correct Answer: BD

In an SQLScript calculation view, one variable contains the records that are the result of a SELECT * statement from a
database table with 10 fields. You want to use this variable to populate a new variable with the same result set restricted
to 1 of the 10 fields. Which CE function do you use?
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following must you avoid to ensure your calculation view uses only the calculation engine?
A. Combining SQL and CE Functions
B. Reading from tables in the column store
C. Reading from tables using SELECT statements
D. Joins using SQL
E. DO WHILE loops
Correct Answer: ACD

Which of the following can be grouped when multiple schemas exist in an SAP HANA database?
A. Information models
B. Data tables
C. Packages
D. Users
Correct Answer: B

When you try to delete an attribute view you receive the error message andquot;One or more objects are dependent
upon this objectandquot;. Which of the following functions can you use to find out which objects depend on this view?
A. History function
B. Auto Documentation function
C. Display XML function
D. Where-Used function
Correct Answer: BD

Which of the following is used to make hierarchies available to reporting tools?
A. CE Functions
C. SQLScript
Correct Answer: B

An SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence report throws an SQL error during query execution. Which of the following could you check to resolve the error?
A. The business layer
B. The business view
C. The Web Intelligence report variables
D. The SAP HANA information model
Correct Answer: AD

Which of the following CE functions can you use to query an analytic view directly?
Correct Answer: C

You are using SAP Landscape Transformation to replicate data into SAP HANA. Which of the following can you use to define the schema that the replicated data populates?
A. Advanced replication settings (transaction iuuc_repl_content)
B. Change Authoring Schema in the Quick Launch view
C. Data Provisioning in the Quick Launch view
D. Configuration andamp; Monitoring Dashboard (transaction LTR)
Correct Answer: D

You have a table of transactional data with different transaction types. You want to create an analytic view for only one
of the transaction types. How can you ensure that only rows with the required transaction type are displayed in the analytic view?
A. Create an input parameter
B. Create a filter on the table
C. Create a calculated column
D. Create a restricted column
Correct Answer: B

2016 Pass4itsure SAP C_HANAIMP151  Dumps Exam Questions 26-41

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You want to model customer master data. Which of the following must you select?
A. Filter
B. Table
C. Hierarchy
D. Key attribute

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 27
User A has to set up tables and views in a database schema that is owned by user B. Which of the following privilege must you grant?
A. CREATE ANY to user A
C. CREATE ANY to user B

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 28
You are experiencing performance problems with SAP BusinessObjects reports based on SAP HANA data.
Which of the following can you do to increase performance?
A. Add only relevant data to the report queries.
B. Avoid aggregation and work on raw data.
C. Merge all relevant data into a consolidated report.
D. Use drill-down or linked reports.

Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 29
You have to design a report that shows actual, planned, and variance values. How do you implement this requirement if you want to achieve the best performance?
A. Use a calculation view based upon two analytic views using a union.
B. Use a calculation view based upon two analytic views using a join.
C. Use a single source data foundation in the Universe Design Tool and include the two analytic views.
D. Use a multisource-enabled data foundation in the Universe Design Tool for each analytic view.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 30
Which connectivity combination between MS Excel and SAP HANA provides multidimensional reporting capabilities?
A. ODBO connector via SQL requests to analytic or calculation views
B. ODBC connector via MDX requests to analytic or calculation views
C. ODBO connector via MDX requests to analytic or calculation views
D. ODBO connector via MDX requests to column tables Correct Answer: C
Which of the following would you use to determine the engines that are used when an information model is queried?
A. SQL plan cache
B. Timeline
C. Explain plan
D. Visualize plan

Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 32
Which of the following is a best practice in calculation views?
A. Apply a static filter on a projection node.
B. Combine analytic views with a join node.
C. Change an attribute to a measure.
D. Push calculations down to the attribute views.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 33
Two attribute views in the same analytic view contain the same column name: the ID from the Customer attribute view and the ID from the Product attribute view. In the output, the system automatically renamed one column to ID_1. You want to indicate that ID_1 originated from the Product attribute view by renaming it to ID_PRODUCT.
Where in the attribute properties of ID_1 can you change this?
A. In the alias label
B. In the label
C. In the alias name
D. In the name

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 34
Where can you reactivate a user after too many invalid logon attempts?
A. In the SQL console
B. In the user specific schema
D. In the user properties

Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 35
Which of the following actions must you perform in an SAP HANA system to transport content to another SAP HANA system?
A. Generate and save an export file to a shared directory.
B. Assign the content repository to a transport request.
C. Mass copy the content repository into the other SAP HANA system.
D. Assign the package to a delivery unit.

Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 36
Which delivered role is mandatory for a system administrator in SAP HANA?

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 37
You receive an activation error in a scripted calculation view that uses the following function: CE_PROJECTION(:table1, [“AMOUNT”], ‘”PROD” = A’)
What could be a reason for this error?
A. The filter condition is not set within square brackets.
B. The projection list contains a field that is not specified in the filter condition.
C. The filter condition must be specified inside the projection list.
D. The filter condition contains a field that is not part of the projection list.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 38
You have made modifications to an information model within a delivery unit. You want to export the model to an SAP HANA target system.
In the Schema Mapping dialog, where do you define the target system schema?
A. In the Authorization schema
B. In the Authoring schema
C. In the _SYS_BI schema
D. In the Physical schema

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 39
In which of the following can you use a FOR loop over your data?
A. Monitoring View
B. Calculation View
C. Analytic View
D. Analytic View

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 40
Which SAP BusinessObjects reporting tool should you use to answer ad-hoc questions and interact with shared information?
A. Crystal Reports
B. Dashboards
C. Explorer
D. WebIntelligence

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 41
For which SAP HANA data types is a FULLTEXT index created automatically during table creation?

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