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Pass4itsure Cisco 700-802 dumps IoT Manufacturing Account Manager is a multiple choice dumps that must be completed. Some of the topics assessed are how to consider the challenges faced by business and IT today and how this relates to Cisco opportunities. The exam also assesses who “the customer” is and the importance of applications to many of the customers that are influential in purchasing application-based solutions.


What does Cisco Connected Factory Wireless primarily help customers to do?
A. Budget money.
B. Save money.
C. Make money.
D. Be safer.
700-802 exam Correct Answer: B

What are the three horizontal Cisco Internet of Things solutions in manufacturing? (Choose three.)
A. connected factory applications
B. routers
C. connected factory security
D. device connectors
E. converged network platforms
Correct Answer: ACE

What does Cisco Connected Factory Security primarily help customers to do?
A. Make money.
B. Save money.
C. Be safer.
D. Budget money.
700-802 dumps Correct Answer: C

In which zone does Cisco Connected Factory Security help to protect the manufacturing environment?
A. logistics network
B. danger zone
C. area control zone
D. demilitarized zone
E. enterprise business applications zone
Correct Answer: C

Which three challenges did the company have in the auto manufacturer case study? (Choose three.)
A. reduce spending
B. increase factory security
C. streamline manufacturing workflow
D. implement real-time monitoring
E. deploy mobile-enabled workforce
700-802 pdf Correct Answer: ACD

Which four levels of solutions does the Cisco Internet of Things product structure consist of? (Choose four.)
A. sensors
B. deployment support
C. products (such as, plant switching and plant routing)
D. network management (SDN) and Internet of Things security
E. PaaS, JouleX, Connected Operations
F. fog computing (lOx)
Correct Answer: ACDF

Which two outcomes are realized with Cisco Connected Factory Energy Management? (Choose two.)
A. granular real-time visibility on energy usage
B. reduced downtime
C. reduced energy usage
D. increased productivity
700-802 vce Correct Answer: AC

Which four people are important decision-makers in the manufacturing environment? (Choose four.)
A. Director of Marketing
B. Automation Controls Director
C. Plant Engineering Manager
D. Plant IT Director
E. Safety Director
F. Executive Director
G. Facilities Manager
Correct Answer: BCDG

Which two things does Cisco Connected Factory Automation primarily help customers to do? (Choose two.)
A. Budget money
B. Be safer
C. Make money
D. Save money
700-802 exam Correct Answer: CD

Which three options are reasons why partners prefer working with Cisco? (Choose three.)
A. the large size of the Cisco organization
B. R and D and innovation for future-proof technology
C. unique capabilities with global reach and holistic solutions
D. partner integration for the best of IT and OT
E. Cisco partners receive little to no support
Correct Answer: BCD

Cost reduction is an important success metric for Automation Controls Directors. In the Internet of Things,
which four options achieve cost reduction? (Choose four.)
A. decreased downtime
B. increased operational equipment effectiveness from 65% to 89%
C. improved quality
D. increased throughput
E. improved uptime
F. improved safety
700-802 dumps Correct Answer: BCDE

Connected factory applications are enabled with strategic partnerships. Which four options help to deploy these applications? (Choose four.)
A. Rockwell Automation
C. Librestream
D. AeroScout
E. Google IBM
Correct Answer: ABCD

At the highest level, what does Cisco Connected Factory Wireless enable everyone in a plant to access?
A. enterprise and internet resources
B. factory floor data
C. Facebook
D. data management applications
700-802 pdf Correct Answer: A

Which three benefits were realized as a result of the Cisco Internet of Things solution in the tractor manufacturer case study? (Choose three.)
A. improved production accuracy by 23%
B. integrated, continuous real-time views of manufacturing process
C. reduced cycle-times by 99%
D. reduced cycle-time by 40%
E. reduced overtime that results from efficient replenishment
Correct Answer: BDE

Which option is an important benefit of converged network platforms that enables other benefits?
A. increased productivity
B. real-time visibility
C. reduced downtime
D. safer environment
700-802 vce Correct Answer: B

Which four options are overarching categories of physical hardware within the product structure? (Choose four.)
A. plant routing
B. JouleX
C. field network
D. plant switching
E. IP cameras
F. connected safety and security
Correct Answer: ACDE

Which three solution elements were deployed in the tractor manufacturer case study? (Choose three.)
A. IP cameras
B. AeroScout T2 tags
C. mounted exciters
D. MobileView software
E. RockWell automation
700-802 exam Correct Answer: ACE

The Internet of Things is described as the driver for the fourth industrial revolution. Which three options are
important drivers of this revolution? (Choose three.)
A. Manufacturers are consolidating factories.
B. Factories are growing off-shore.
C. Companies are moving toward robotic advancements.
D. Companies are turning toward Ethernet.
E. Manufacturers are moving to big data for answers.
Correct Answer: ACE

Specific company characteristics signal opportunities to sell the Cisco Internet of Things. Which three
characteristics indicate such an opportunity? (Choose three.)
A. security concerns
B. a slow-moving company
C. an IT preference for Cisco
D. a focus on green energy_______________________
E. a move to wireless manufacturing, Ethernet I/O, predictive maintenance, or other new models
700-802 dumps Correct Answer: ADE

Which three challenges did the company face in the motorcycle manufacturer case study? (Choose three.)
A. deploy wireless for instant visibility
B. accelerate new product introduction
C. implement flexible manufacturing
D. reduce plant downtime
E. reduce product theft
Correct Answer: ABC

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