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Calvin needs to add a field to his form that allows a user to save one or more file attachments. What type of field should he use for this requirement?
A. Rich text
B. Attachment
C. Extended text
D. Text+Attachment
Answer: A

Ted is in a group that has Author access in the Review application’s ACL. However, he cannot edit a review that he created. Which one of the following is the most likely reason?
A. Authors can only create documents.
B. He must have Editor or higher access to modify documents.
C. The developer neglected to include an Authors field to the Review form.
D. The developer neglected to select the modify documents option in the ACL.
Answer: C

Joe wants to display a company logo in the background of a view in his sales application. How can he do this task?
A. Use an Image Resource as the background graphic for the view.
B. Use a URL as the background graphic for the view, where the URL points to the logo. C. Display the view in a frameset, and set the background of the view’s frame to an Image Resource or URL depicting the logo.
D. He can’t do this. Views cannot have background graphics.
Answer: A
Lynne created a Book Review application that has a default access level of Author. She created a
Review document, but was unable to edit the document later. Why would this problem occur?
A. The document form design does not include a Readers type field.
B. The document form design does not include an Authors type field.
C. Her ACL entry needs to have the Edit document option selected.
D. She needs at least Author access with the Create Documents option selected.
Answer: B

Shantillehas written an agent to send a nightly report of all new change control documents
created during the workday. The Change Control application exists on multiple servers, and
Shantille needs to ensure that only one report is sent each night, reporting all new change
controls, regardless of the server on which they were created. How should Shantille schedule her
A. Trigger: OnscheduleRuntime: DailySet Run on to be one specific server
B. Trigger: OnscheduleRuntime: Daily – run onceSet Run on to be -Any Server-
C. Trigger: OnscheduleRuntime: DailyFrom the hub server, set Run on to be Local
D. Trigger: OnscheduleRuntime: Daily – run onceFrom the hub server, set Run on to be Local

Answer: A
Susan has deployed a template, sales.ntf, for the Sales Tracking application on the test server.
Fred wants to create a new Sales Tracking application using Susan’s template, and Fred wants
his new application to inherit future design changes from the template. How can Fred do this
A. Create a replica of the sales.ntf template, but make its file name end in .nsf instead.
B. Select File > Application > New, select the test server as the template server, and select the sales.ntf template.
C. Select File > Application > New, select the test server as the template server, and give the application sales.nsf as a file name.
D. Create a blank application, right-click the new application icon, and select the Copy From Template option.Select the sales.ntf file as the template, and the design elements are copied to the new application.
Answer: B

Nancyused a rich text field on a form to capture data. She would like to display the data in a view. What can Nancy do to accomplish this task?
A. Use @TextToRichText
B. Use aRichText lite field
C. Use @Text (fieldname) in the column formula
D. Nothing. Rich text cannot be displayed in views.
Answer: D

Robert is adding an editable field called CountryLocation to the Member form in the Video Rental application. The field should show a value of USA when the document is first created. What formula would accomplish this behavior?
A. “USA” in the field’s Default Value object B. “USA” in the field’s Input Enabled object C. “USA” in the field’s Input Validation object
D. “USA” in the field’s Input Translation object
Answer: A

Eduardo chose Native OS style when he created an editable text field on a form. In which one of the following ways does the field appear to Notes users?
A. An outlined rectangle.
B. Blank space marked off by red brackets.
C. Blank space marked off by black brackets.
D. The field does not display to Notes users. It is only visible to Web users.


Erica has created a Registration form for the Customer Orders application. She has set the Type
option of the Pwd field to Password. What do users see displayed as they populate the Pwd field?
A. An asterisk displays for each character that is typed.
B. The encrypted value of each character is displayed as the user types.
C. The user sees nothing displayed, but the typed characters are captured and stored as an encrypted value.
D. As the user types in thePwd field, the typed characters display. When focus leaves the field, asterisks display, and the typed characters are stored as an encrypted value.
Answer: A

When Robert created a Response form, he set the Formulas inherit values from selected document option on the form properties. The Status field on the Review form is also named Status on the inheriting form. However, the form does not inherit any data. Which one of the following most likely caused this problem?
A. He failed to specify the form type.
B. The inheriting form is not a Response form.
C. He specified the same field names on both forms.
D. He failed to provide inheritance formulas for each field.
Answer: D

Cheryle would like to have access to her mail file while she is traveling and disconnected from the network. After she arrives at her destination, she wants to connect to the network and synchronize her mail file updates with the server version of her mail file. How can she accomplish this task?
A. Create a local copy of her mail file.
B. Create a local replica of her mail file.
C. Create a local mirror copy of her mail file.
D. Create a local synchronized copy of her mail file.


Tyrone is working on the branding of the company’s Registration application, and he needs to add the company logo to each form. How can he do this task and minimize potential future maintenance if the logo changes?
A. Add a computed link to the logo in each form.
B. Add the logo from the Resources > Files area.
C. Add the logo from the Resources > Images area.
D. Add the logo from the Resources > Style Sheets area.
Answer: C

Jared would like to change the default database icon that was created for his new Invoice application. Where can he find the icon design element in Designer?
A. Resources > Icon
B. Resources > Images
C. Resources > Files > Icon
D. Resources > Images > Icon

Answer: A
.When Marc creates a new document in the Suggestion database, he sees short descriptions of
the fields at the bottom of the form. What design feature has been used to create this behavior?
A. Default Value for the Field
B. Field Hint in the Field Properties window
C. Help Description in the Field Properties window
D. Field Assistance in the Field Properties window
Answer: C QUESTION NO: 16

Robert needs to use the document locking feature in his application. He has asked the server administrator to enable it. What must he also do to his application to enable the feature?
A. Select Allow document locking on the Basic tab of the Application properties.
B. Enable the Allow document locking Form property for each form that should allow locking.
C. Nothing. After document locking is enabled on the server, all the applications on that server automatically use document locking.
D. Enable the Allow document locking Application property and select each form that requires document locking from the list.
Answer: A

Jonas has created a section on the Site Visit form and he would like it to be collapsed when the
form is opened in the Notes client. How can he configure his application to accomplish this task?
A. There is no way to do this; sections always open expanded.
B. Modify the section property Opened forReading to auto-hide.
C. Change the section type from standard to controlled access.
D. Modify the section property Opened forReading to auto-collapse.
Answer: D

Rosa created a formula for a shared action. The code is supposed to set the value of an existing
field called Surname. She used the following formula:
Surname := @Propercase(Surname);
After the formula runs, the Surname field still has the original value. Which one of the following is
the reason?

A. There is no @Save command in the formula that would allow the field value to be updated.
B. When setting the value of a field, the formula must be in the field’s Input Translation event.
C. The text string in the formula is set to null, so Notes does not permanently change the field value.
D. The formula does not specify that Surname is an existing field, so it is interpreted as a temporary variable.

Richie has created an administrative view in the Video Rental application to show when each document was created. What @Function can he use to show the date and time that the document was created?
A. @Created
B. @NewDate
C. @OriginalDate
D. @CreationDate
Answer: A

Francis has written an agent that updates the video documents in the Video Rental application.
What are some of the agent trigger events that Francis can use to cause his agent to execute?
A. onLoad, onUnload, onClick
B. onClick, onMouseover, onExit
C. Postsave, Postopen, Querysave
D. When documents are pasted,When server starts, Action menu selection
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