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Which of the following must you avoid to ensure your calculation view uses only the calculation engine? (Choose three)
A. Combining SQL and CE Functions
B. Reading from tables in the column store
C. Reading from tables using SELECT statements
D. Joins using SQL
E. DO WHILE loops

Correct Answer: ACD
You have created an analytic view and an analytic privilege that filters on 3 attributes:
Sales region = “West”

Sales channel = “Online”, “Retail”

Product category = “Electronics”.
After granting the analytic privilege to a user, what data can the user see?

A. Exhibit A
B. Exhibit B
C. Exhibit C
D. Exhibit D

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following sequences of steps is required before you can create a report on an analytic view using replicated SAP ERP data?
A. Set up replication from ERP ? Create an analytic view ? Create analytic privileges ? Create a business layer
B. Create a business layer ? Set up replication from ERP ? Create an analytic view ? Create analytic privileges
C. Create an analytic view ? Create analytic privileges ? Set up replication from ERP ? Create a business layer
D. Create an analytic view ? Set up replication from ERP ? Create analytic privileges ? Create a business layer

Correct Answer: A
What does the following SQL statement do?
A. It performs a fuzzy search on all columns in the PRODUCT_NAME table for the term ‘Paper’.
B. It performs a fuzzy search count on the number of columns in the PRODUCT_NAME table that contain the term ‘Paper’.
C. It performs a fuzzy search on the PRODUCT_NAME column in the PRODUCT_ITEMS table for the term ‘Paper’.
D. It performs a fuzzy search of all columns in the PRODUCT_ITEMS table for the term ‘Paper’.

Correct Answer: D
A company wants to use SAP BusinessObjects reporting tools. They cannot use Adobe Flash. They require scheduled, ready-made reports.
Which reporting tool do you recommend? (Choose two)
A. Dashboards
B. Web Intelligence
C. Explorer
D. Crystal Reports
Correct Answer: BD
You have created SAP HANA information models from replicated SAP ECC data.
How can you compare the data of the replicated tables with the underlying ECC source data? (Choose two)
A. Use the SAP ERP Data Browser (transaction SE16).
B. Use the Catalog node to open table contents.
C. Use transaction IUUC_REPL_CONTENT.
D. Use the Data Provisioning view from the Quick Launch.

Correct Answer: AB
A customer wants to report on large amounts of SAP HANA data. The users want to drill from the top aggregation level to the lowest granularity and try different types of graphical representations of the data on the fly.
Which SAP BusinessObjects reporting tool would you recommend?
A. SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

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